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Sleep on the Great Wall
2-day Great Wall

Hiking & Camping


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2BH: Sunset & Sunrise Overnight
2HB Beginners Hiking & Camping
2DC Lakeside Wall Hike and Camping
2HC1 Most Affordable Camping
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2JK Jiankou Affordable Camping
2MS: Mutianyu Sunset & Sunrise
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moment of the sun rising behind a watch tower
viewed from a watch tower

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If you currently don’t have travel insurance then you will be required to purchase our PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) travel and accidental insurance.
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Sleep on the Great Wall -
Two-day Overnight Great Wall H
iking and Camping: A much more enhanced intimate Great Wall experience

Average Challenging Grade:

cnngo great wallThe outdoorsman: Stay overnight on the Great Wall of China

When people come to the Great Wall of China, they want to explore the history and see why it was built. A day trip to the tourist sites won’t achieve that, but a sleepover on one of the world’s most storied ruins certainly will. The Great Wall Adventure Club organizes trips to sleep in a watchtower where soldiers were formerly garrisoned. When night falls, the only thing above is the stars, while the incredible land of the surrounding hills is absolutely silent ... (June 11, 2012)

For those that have a little more time to spend in Beijing, and whose interest in the Great Wall runs a little deeper than the average tourist, our 2-day Great Wall programs are a perfect way to sate your Great Wall appetite! With these two day programs, you'll be able to spend more time on the Great Wall, see more of China's natural beauty, explore relatively unknown sections, and even sleep on the wall itself! (for more information about sleeping on the Great Wall see Routes 2X, 2AA and 2AB) As with all of our other programs, you will receive nothing but the best service and guidance.

In accordance with our 1-day programs, you will be picked up in the morning by your travel guide and driver. Your travel guide, who has gone through the strictest safety criteria in the country, will be with you at all times during your Great Wall hike, ensuring your safety while also imparting you with his/her vast knowledge of the Great Wall. In addition, all heavy camping materials and provisions will be provided (such as tents when sleeping on the Great Wall). The parts of the Great Wall we will encounter are often empty, allowing you to have some quality one-on-one time with one of the world's great wonders. For those hearty outdoor types who live a challenge and trying something new, this is the perfect way to explore the Great Wall of China!

Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) is the largest and the only company officially approved by the Great Wall Administration Office to offer camping for international guests. This is what sets us apart from other smaller operators.

Sleep on the Great Wall Sleep in a local hotel or hostel or a farmer's house

Private Tours and Trip Codes Is This trip for me?
Route 2AA: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Jiankou-Mutianyu Camping

This program allows you to experience the two best Great Wall hikes at the Great Wall's most popular and photogenic sections. This hike starts at Gubeikou, an unrestored section of “wild” Great Wall. You'll then cross over into Jinshanling, which features magnificent watchtowers and grand watchtowers. You will be amazed at how the Great Wall snakes and winds its way across the countryside here. You'll spend the night in one of Jinshanling's larger watchtowers, and the next morning we'll drive to Jiankou, which like Gubeikou is in its natural state. The ruins here are highly dramatic, so be sure to have your cameras! After hiking through Jiankou you'll come to Mutianyu, which is in many ways similar to Jinshanling, as it is a more restored section of Great Wall. The 22km's distance on the Wall will take us about 10-11 hours of hiking. [TOP]


Longest hiking hours of this category

Cover the most beautiful parts of the Wall

Sleep on the Wall
Route 2AB: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Second Valley (Simatai West) Camping

In addition spending the night on the Great Wall, you'll get to explore some of the more unknown and wild sections of the wall. The hike will start at Gubeikou, a relatively unvisited part of the Great Wall that is in its natural and unrestored state. After a few hours of hiking we'll pass over into Jinshanling, which will feature some of the most stunning scenery you will see in China. Restored brickwork, and large watchtowers dot the land, and under one of these watchtowers is where you will spend the night. The next day, after watching the sun rise over the Great Wall, we'll continue hiking Jinshanling until we reach the Second Valley (aka the west wing of Simatai), a part of Simatai featuring dramatic ruins and which connects to Jinshanling in the west.


Focus on the most original parts of the Wall

Enjoy overnight camping on the Wall

Route 2AC: Self-Managed Great Wall Camping at Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu-Mutianyu

For serious hikers looking to save some money while getting an unforgettable experience you can't go wrong with this program. You'll have the opportunity to spend the night on the Great Wall itself, as you'll camp in a watchtower underneath the stars. Just think of the priceless memories that wait you while watching the sunset and sunrise over the Great Wall in China. While you do bring your own camping equipment, you'll get to save money that you could use elsewhere on your China trip. In addition, you'll also get to hike the Great Wall at Mutianyu while also witnessing the spectacle of the Great Wall underwater at Xishuiyu.



Focus on the camping on the Great Wall

Enjoy the unique beauty of lakeside Great Wall
Route 2AD: Camping on the Great Wall; Hiking the Great Wall along Lakes
This 2-day Great Wall program packs quite a punch! Not only do you get the classic Great Wall hike on Jinshanling, but you also get to explore little-known Gubeikou, while also getting to camp and sleep overnight in a Great Wall watchtower! Just think of it! You'll be able to witness the sunrise and sunset from the perfect vantage point. On the second day you'll get to walk Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu which features an extremely rare trait-the Great Wall underwater! [TOP]


Diverse views of the Great Wall of China
Sleep on the Wall for unforgettable experience
Route 2AE: Sleeping Overnight on the Great Wall; Hiking the Great Wall along Lakes
Camping, hiking, unforgettable memories-you'll get all of this on this Great Wall excursion. You'll begin with the classic Jinshanling-Simatai hike, which is probably the most popular and crowd-pleasing of all Great Wall treks. Then, on the first night, you'll get to experience what is maybe the highlight of your China trip. You'll get to sleep and camp overnight in a Great Wall watchtower. This is an extremely unique opportunity that you won't want to miss out on. We'll conclude your program with a hike from Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu, which includes the unique sight of the underwater Great Wall!


Get the best from camping

Diverse views of the Great Wall of China
Route 2SS1: Sunset and Sunrise Overnight Hike on Great Wall

In terms of bang for your buck, this tour gives you just about everything. In addition to seeing both the sunset and sunrise over the Great Wall, you also get to experience two of the best Great Wall hikes that exist. Both the Simatai-Jinshanling and Jiankou, while moderately challenging, are a real blast. You’ll get unrestored Great Wall that has been untouched by repairs, looming watchtowers, postcard-like panoramas and sweeping vistas. This tour is for the one who loves using their camera. In addition, you’ll also get to enjoy an authentic meal of Chinese countryside cuisine at the inn where you will spend the night. Featuring an early morning wake-up (5:30am) and a late start-time (you’ll be picked up in Beijing at 11am), this tour is designed for you to get in prime position on the wall at sunset and sunup. We think that viewing both the sunset and sunrise will be a peaceful interlude on what is probably for you a hectic China trip.



Walk the Great Wall in dawn and dusk, catch the unique sunset and sunrise
Route 2SS2: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Second Valley (Simatai West) Sunset & Sunrise Hiking

This classic Great Wall hike allows you to experience what is now the most popular Great Wall trek-Gubeikou to Jinshanling. Jinshanling has long been storied for its beautiful brickwork and watchtowers, as well as the way wall here winds and snakes along the valley. Gubeikou, often overlooked and rarely crowded, offers some of that "wild wall" that we know our clients love. You'll also have the opportunity to hike into the western portion of Simatai, an area known for its steepness and challenging paths.


Walk the Great Wall in dawn and dusk, catch the unique sunset and sunrise
Route 2X1: The Imperial Treasures and Great Wall Camping

In addition to sleeping on the Great Wall, this tour quite nicely introduces you to China both modern and ancient, and for a two day trip, pretty much shows you the best of Beijing, using your time in the best way possible. The tour starts with a visit to the Forbidden City, which for over 400 years was China's home to the Emperor and his imperial retinue. After our visit, we'll cross over to China's modern political center, Tiananmen Square. Then it is off to the Olympic Green, the area where China hosted the 2008 Olympics. We'll then set out for the meat of the trip by going to the Great Wall at Jinshanling, famed for its brick work, watchtowers, and sweeping vistas. Tonight, in one of Jinshanling's larger watchtowers, you'll get to sleep under the stars on the Great Wall! The next day you'll hike to Gubeikou, an unrestored piece of “wild” Great Wall, before being driven back to your hotel.



Forbidden City + Gubeikou and Jinshanling Great Wall = That's why you are here for Beijing!

Sleep at Gubeikou Great Wall of China!
Route 2X2: From Forbidden City to Jiankou and Mutianyu with Camping on the Great Wall of China

Experience the beauty and majesty of the Great Wall from the best seat in the house! On this program you'll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep over on the Jiankou Great Wall, a fantastically rugged piece of Great Wall often featured in National Geographic and the like. Think of it, facing the stars from a Great Wall watchtower, and seeing the sunrise over the mountains-all of this can and will happen on this tour. This tour also features additional hiking on the Mutianyu Great Wall, as well as your choice of visiting either the Forbidden City or the Summer Palace. As always, you'll have your own English-speaking guide and driver with you on this tour.  



Forbidden City + Jiankou Great Wall = That's why you are here for Beijing!

Sleep at Jiankou Great Wall of China!
Route 2B: Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu-Jiankou-Mutianyu with Camping for an Option

This program starts at Huanghuacheng, a section of Great Wall, which in the spring and summer features lush flowers blooming, beacon towers, and even a section of the wall that runs underwater! From there we'll drive to Jiankou, where you will embark on what is perhaps the best Great Wall hike. Jiankou, located in small farming village, is completely unrestored, meaning this is about as authentic an experience as you can get. You'll see some amazing ruins of watchtowers set against the surrounding hillside, making for an unforgettable hike. After a few hours you'll cross into Mutianyu, a largely restored portion of the Great Wall that is very popular but not as touristy as other sections. One of the most photographed sections of the Great Wall, Mutianyu has played host to world leaders and has been the scene of numerous movies (like the recent remake of the Karate Kid) and TV shows.



Four best sections of the Wall in one tour
Route 2C: Chengde-Panjiakou-Xifengkou

This tour starts out in the City of Chengde, which served as the summer retreat for emperors of the Qing Dynasty looking to beat the heat of Beijing. Here you will visit the sprawling and magnificent Summer Resort, along with the Small Potala Palace, a grand Buddhist temple that is a recreation of the Potala Palace of Tibet. The next day you will be taken to the Great Wall at Xifengkou, where you will begin your hike. Due to the nearby construction of the Panjiakou Reservoir, part of the wall here runs underwater, making for a unique and rare site among Great Wall sections. Largely unvisited, you will be able to stretch out your legs and roam, allowing yourself to have a much more intimate Great Wall experience.



Escape from the heat in Beijing!

See Great Wall under water
Route 2D: Panjiakou Reservoir-Xifengkou


This hike is relatively simple and easy, so it's a perfect way for the whole family to get out and enjoy the Great Wall together! This program starts at the picturesque Panjiakou Reservoir, where we'll enjoy a little picnic lunch before your Great Wall trek. You'll then start hiking at the Xifengkou Great Wall, a section that is its unrestored state and which nature has taken its course. Here you will see a rare thing, a section of the Great Wall running underwater! This along with the grand old watchtowers and peaks will make for ad ay to remember. After sleeping In a nearby farmer's village, we'll continue our walk on Xifengkou. As it is rarely visited by hikers, you will get to have a more in-depth Great Wall experience than you would at some of the more touristy areas. [TOP]





See the Great Wall under water!
Battlefield during WWII at Xifengkou
Route 2E: East Qing Tomb-Huangyaguan

In addition to an outstanding Great Wall experience you'll also get to visit one of imperial China's great treasures. This tour starts with a visit to the East Qing Tombs, the burial site for most of China's last ruling dynasty, the Qing. One of the largest and most well-preserved burial sites in China, you'll find five emperors, four empresses and even the infamous Empress Dowager Cixi, China's power behind the throne in the late 19th Century. You'll then be taken to the Great Wall at Huangyaguan. The great thing about Huangyaguan was that it was designed as a miniature version of the entire Great Wall, giving you an understanding of the Great Wall's functions and features without having to walk the whole thing! From there we'll drive to the Eastern Qing tombs, a sprawling tomb complex that many feel is much more exciting than the Ming Tombs. Here is the final resting place of five emperors, four empresses, five imperial concubines, and one princess of China's last imperial dynasty, the Qing.  



Cultural tour with Great Wall hike for those who are more interested in China's history
Route 2F: Old Dragon's Head-Shanhai Pass-Jiaoshan-Dongjiakou

This program will give you a nice overview of some of the more obscure Great Wall sections that visitors often miss. You'll start at Old Dragon's Head, the eastern-most point of the Great Wall, which is just off the Bohai Sea. You'll then hike to the “First Pass Under Heaven”, an immense watchtower where you'll learn about the history and military strategy of this section. We'll the proceed to the Great Wall at Jiaoshan, which is divided into restored and unrestored sections, and you'll experience both on your walk, allowing you to compare and contrast the two styles. You'll spend the night at a nearby hotel and the next day you'll continue hiking on Jiaoshan. After our hike there you'll be driven to your last stop, Dongjiakou, a section of wall more than 600 years old and which features the Cihou Tower- a solid command post with no roof, giving the defenders a 360-degree-view of the whole area. This structure can not be found anywhere else.



Climb the most hallenging sections of Jiaoshan

See the eastern-most of the Great Wall
Route 2G: Great Wall Discovery Tour with Bullet Train

With beaches, Great Wall, and hiking, this program has something for everyone! Via bullet train, we will set out to Qinhuangdao, a pleasant beach area, where you will get to explore Shanhaiguan, which is known as the “First Pass of the World”. During your hike you will pass over into Old Dragon's Head, which is the eastern-most point of the Great Wall, lying just off the Bohai Sea. After walking on Old Dragon's Head you'll get to meander around the beach area nearby. The next day you'll be driven to the Jiaoshan Great Wall, which is the highest peak to the north of Shanhaiguan Pass. It is one of the oldest sections of surviving Great Wall, as it was first built during the 14th century. [TOP]


Unique chance to see Great Wall lying in sea!

Experience bullet train
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