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The Great Wall Adventure Club runs the world's oldest and most trusted off-the-beaten Jinshanling-Simatai, Jiankou-Mutianyu, Gubeikou-Jinshanling hiking tours, ovrnight camping and trekking since 2003! 



"A two-day hike along a remote stretch of China? Great Wall affords endless views without the distraction of crowds."

"The Great Wall Adventure Club organizes trips to sleep in a watchtower where soldiers were formerly garrisoned. When night falls, the only thing above is the stars, while the incredible land of the surrounding hills is absolutely silent."

Scott Hanson Great Wall
Scott Hanson
American TV Sportscaster

"I don't often do endorsements, but I am happy to recommend The Great Wall Adventure Club to any and all who are thinking of travelling to China. The company was thorough and professional from first contact until the hour I departed. They routinely went above and beyond the call of duty to make my trip smooth and unforgettable. My guide, was excellent! Fun, informative, always on time (early, in fact) and a clear communicator.

If you are browsing for a terrific, trustworthy tour company in China -- look no further. I loved my experience with The Great Wall Adventure Club!" - 
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Why You Need to See the Original and Wild Great Wall


It is unfortunate that to many people and visitors their only exposure to the Great Wall is at Badaling. While it does have some excellent sights, this section is overcrowded, over-commercialized, and often overwhelming. This is not a true Great Wall experience. We want to show you the true Great Wall, with its mighty peaks and valleys, and its beautiful and mysterious ruins. With the Great Wall Adventure Club you can explore the real Great wall, one that is often unknown to foreign visitors. With us, we can provide you with memorable and lasting trips, hikes, treks and odyssey all across the Great Wall of China, and not just at its sections near Beijing.

Great Wall Adventure Club has the Know-how about Great Wall Hiking, Trekking and Camping Tours Since 2003



See the Wall all in natural with Great Wall Adventure Club, the world's most famous Great Wall hiking organization. Try our 1-day hike, 2-day overnight camping, 3 to 6-day expedition, or 7 to 12-day multi-day treks to see the most unrestored sections of the Great Wall - the best parts of the Great Wall to visit. Enjoy a private hike of the Wild Wall and other privileges selected exclusively for you during the best time to visit the Wild Wall. 

The Great Wall of China, one of the world's modern wonders and one of the most outstanding technological achievements in all of humankind, has long held the imagination of writers, scientists, soldiers, and now, of course, travelers and adventurers. Within its countless bricks and watchtowers lies the eternal spirit of Chinese civilization. When you walk on its sacred ground, you will feel this spirit all around you. The fun and excitement you get from exploring this marvel will stay with you for the rest of your life. We believe that everyone should experience this feeling at least once in their lives, and we at the Great Wall Adventure Club want to help you acquire this feeling.

Great Wall Adventure Club has received high marks and praise from nearly 74,500 tourists and hikers worldwide. It is recognized by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, CNN, and NBC. NBC 2008 Beijing Olympics also documented one of our hikes and recommended it. If you are looking for some excitement and adventure, along with some fun, then don't just be another brick in the wall. Come along and see what all the fuss is about!


Apart from our top-rated expeditions, our treks are fully supported, meaning you need only carry your backpack with you each day. For some people, the trekking itself is the highlight. Still, for many, the best part is the unique insight into local people's lives while passing through remote Chinese villages and communities. Whether you're new to walking holidays, a casual hiker, or a seasoned trekker, you will find a Great Wall adventure expedition that suits you.

Please choose from our moderate day hikes, demanding overnight hikes with camping on the Wall, or ultra multi-day treks. No matter which one you go for, you are guaranteed the Great Wall trekking adventure of a lifetime!

The Great Wall Adventure Club is committed to environmental sustainability and historical education.





1-day hike   Learn more.

All of our one-day hiking takes about 3-4 hours, and we normally depart for the wall at 8 am and come back by 5 pm. It is a whole day excursion, and the hike allows you to experience the best of Great Wall. You will get to hike into the unrestored “Wild Wall”, which is much more authentic than the Disney-Land version Great Wall at Badaling. We are making are hikes more diverse than ever, and we are excited to present 4 more popular hikes: Jiankou and Lianhuachi (Qian Jiankou) to features the hauntingly beautiful unrestored Jiankou and the famed restored Mutianyu, Huangyaguan to the East Wing Tombs includes a section designed as a composite of the entire Great Wall along with the culture of the East Qing Tombs, Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu features both beautiful blooming wild flowers and an underwater Great Wall, and a trip from a local village to Mutianyu, which features "Wild Wall", the tastefully restored section of Mutianyu, and a thrilling toboggan ride down from the wall!


2-day overnight hike and camping Learn more...


 For people who have already done the one-day Great Wall hike, or are looking for a little more time on the Great Wall, then this two-day camping tour is the perfect fit for you. This 2-day hike is also for those who are keen on sleeping overnight in a watchtower on the Great Wall. In the summer, we will camp inside one of the watchtowers on our hike, and in the colder months we will room with a local host family. We are also proud to introduce two more two-day Great Wall Hikes, which are designed to showcase the lesser known portions of the Great Wall. The Gubekou-Jinshanling and Hunanghuacheng to Jiankou-Mutinayu will deliver to you breathtaking views and dramatic tower peaks, and is extremely photogenic. The Panjiakou Reservoir to Xifengkou tour is for those who want some relaxation from big city life, and includes mountains, caves, and even underwater Great Wall.


3-day hiking & camping    Learn more.


This tour combines the majesty of the Great Wall with the wonders of the imperial Qing Dynasty. This tour will start in the Qing resort town of Chengde, where we will visit the illustrious Mountain Resort and the Tibetan-style Small Potala Palace. On day 2 we will head to Panjiakou reservoir for a delicious lakeside lunch. Afterward we will have the treat of exploring the rare underwater Great Wall at Xifengkou. The next day we will trek on Qianhe Mountain, discovering its beautiful islands and mysterious caves.

4, 5 and 6-day hiking, camping and trekking Learn more...


Join us for a Great Wall odyssey stretching from the Yellow Sea all the way to Beijing! Starting with the classis Jinshanling-Simatai hike along with Gubeikou, this tour will then continue to Xiangshuihu, a section of wall that combines many watchtowers with unrestored “Wild Wall.” We will then make our way to the totally unrestored Jiankou, which is maybe the most stunning and photographable part of any section of the Great Wall. We’ll then connect over to Mutianyu, a lovely restored section of wall without the hordes of tourists that plague Badaling. The last day of the hike includes Huanghuacheng, which, like Jiankou, is fast becoming popular with hikers and tourists who are looking for something a little different in their Great Wall experience. Our hike we’ll end at Xishuiyu, a part of the wall distinctive in that part of it is underwater!


7-day hiking, camping and trekking Learn more...


This weeklong hike will push even the experienced Great Wall hiker to the limit. Starting from Old Dragon’s Head in Hebei Province, the eastern starting-point of the “Ten thousand li Great Wall”, we will trek to Huangyaguan Pass in Tianjin, which is designed as a composite of the entire Great Wall of China, and is also the site of a marathon. From there we will head to Gubeikou, and continue on to Simatai through Jinshanling. This tour will give you everything, from wild unrestored wall to brilliant watchtowers and sweeping views of the gorgeous Chinese countryside. While a tiring seven days, the memories will last a lifetime.

9-day hiking, camping and trekking   Learn more..


This full-length tour is designed for those who want a greater understanding of the Great Wall while also enjoying the sights of Beijing. This hike is for serious trekkers, as we will be through all sorts of rugged terrain, as well as some classically restored sections. This hike also includes the beautiful natural scenery of Northern China, as we will also make our way through local villages, waterfalls, and mountains. At the end of your tour, you will be rewarded for your perseverance with a delectable Peking Duck dinner once back in Beijing. You also have the option of touring the greatest sights of Beijing once back from the hike. This hike also includes free pickup and drop off at the airport and your hotel.  

12-day hiking, camping and trekking Learn more..

A Great Wall hike that starts at its easternmost point and finishes at Beijing, this tour is the deluxe treatment. This program has all the Great Wall you could ever want, along with side trips to the East Qing Tombs, local villages, and museums. This tour combines every possible aspect of the Great Wall, from ruined towers to imposing fortresses. Once back in Beijing you will be presented with a juicy Peking Duck dinner in honor of all the hard work you put in. In Beijing you also have the option of taking our excellent city tours, and you may choose to visit any attraction you so desire. This tour also includes pick up and drop off at the airport.


Why Great Wall Adventure Club


While public transportation is an optiion,it will very likely be a time-consuming and uncomfortable process. In addition hiring a taxi can be painfully expensive not to mention frustrating.


In order to maximize both your time and money, is recommended that you go to the Great Wall sections of Jinshanling, Simatai, Jiankou, and Mutianyu via private transportation. The Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) offers group transportation to send members to the Great Wall and bring them back. You can take a convenient shuttle mini-bus or medium-bus from where you stay, no matter where your hotel or hostel is located. So there is no early morning scrambling trying to catch a bus across town.


The cost is minimal and you save lots of time and hassle! So if you want to hike from Jinshanling to Simatai, tackle the ruggedness of Jiankou, or take in the gracefulness of Mutianyu, let Great Wall Adventure Club show you the way!




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