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Five-day Great Wall

Trekking and Camping



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countless stairs and steep ridges

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Five-day Great Wall Trekking and Camping

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An epic Great Wall trek is waiting for you!

These tours are designed in mind for those serious Great Wall hikers who have a little more time on their hands than the average traveler. This is some serious hiking, so please be in the right physical condition to handle the strenuous activity involved for these programs. These hikes take you to the best Great Wall spots, from the classic Jinshanling-Gubeikou hikes (as well as Jinakou-Mutianyu) and the fascinating Huangyaguan, to the more unknown and wild sections like Xishuiyu and Panlongshan. All of these areas of the Great Wall feature dramatic vistas and postcard-like scenes, so please remember to have your camera with you! In addition to the Great Wall you'll also get to take in some of China's lesser-known sites and explore the Chinese countryside, where the majority of China's population lives. You'll get a brief insight into how people truly live in China, which is a stark contrast away from the big cities. You'll get to interact with villagers, try the local countryside cuisines, and sleep in their homes, making for a truly authentic experience! For those that have already explored the more well-known and touristy sections of the wall, then this tour will be a welcome change. Please join us for a five day hike that will give you a whole new perspective of the Great Wall!
Sleep on the Great Wall Sleep in a local hotel or hostel or a farmer's house

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Route 5A: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Jiankou-Mutianyu-Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu  

The hike will start at Gubeikou, a relatively unvisited part of the Great Wall that is in its natural and unrestored state. After a few hours of hiking we'll pass over into Jinshanling, where restored brickwork, and large watchtowers dot the land. The next day we'll continue the hike at Panlongshan, a strategic point on the Great Wall that is a bit of a challenge due to its steepness and condition. Our next hike will be at Xiangshuihu, which is set against a backdrop of lush forestry. We'll soon cross over onto the Jiankou Great Wall, which features dramatic peaks and ruins. The next day we'll resume the hike on Jiankou, and after a few hours we'll come to Mutianyu, one of the most famous and popular sections of Great Wall, but one which has escaped the tackiness of other popular Great Wall spots. The next day, we'll hike at Huanghuacheng, which is fast becoming popular with hikers. About halfway through the hike we'll pass over into Xishuiyu, and as we walk along the ruins of the wall here, you will get to see something truly special, the broken Great Wall running underwater.


Enjoy all the beauty of Great Wall near Beijing

High physical demand
Route 5B: East Qing Tombs-Huangyaguan-Panlongshan-Jinshanling-Gubeikou-Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu-Jiankou-Mutianyu

This tour starts with a visit to the East Qing Tombs, the burial site for most of China's last ruling dynasty. You'll then be taken to the Great Wall at Huangyaguan, which features classic brickwork, imposing watchtowers, and immense natural beauty. In fact, Huangyaguan is designed to be a miniature representation of the entire Great Wall, allowing you to get a keen insight on the structure in a much shorter time than it would take to walk the entire wall! You'll hike at Huangyaguan for two days before embarking for the classic Jinshanling hike, a restored piece of wall that will gradually deteriorate into its natural state as we cross west onto the Gubeikou section of Great Wall. Our next hike will be at Huanghuacheng, which features classically restored brickwork and some stunning scenery. About halfway through the hike we'll pass over into Xishuiyu, a little known section of Great Wall that is unrestored, meaning that the “wild wall” starts to take hold. The next day you'll be driven to the Jiankou Great Wall, which features dramatic peaks and ruins that are a photographer's dream. You'll soon hike over into Mutianyu, one of the most famous and popular sections of Great Wall, but one which has escaped the tackiness of other popular Great Wall spots.



Be a historian of China and expert of Great Wall with this expedition

High physical demand
Route 5X: Shixiaguan-Badaling-Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu-Jiankou-Mutianyu-Gubeikou-Jinshanling-West Simatai 

This five-day program is the perfect way to explore the wilder side of the Great Wall. We start at Badaling, but this isn’t the touristy Badaling that’s always packed with tourists; this other Badaling has been left in its natural state and is largely avoided by visitors. The hiking here is a challenge, but it eases a bit when we reach Shixiaguan, a largely intact portion of the Great Wall set against a lovely backdrop of mountains and rolling hills. The scene then shifts to Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu, a hike featuring both restored and unrestored Great Wall, and which features a Great Wall bonus, a portion of the wall underwater! We’ll then set off for Jiankou, which has become one of the premier Great Wall hiking spots due to its breathtaking ruins and mountain setting. We’ll soon cross into Mutianyu, one of the Great Wall’s most photographed spots and which has played host to countless world leaders and dignitaries. The toboggan ride on the way down should not be missed! Our final leg brings us to Gubeikou, a strategically vital part of the Great Wall which even saw action in the 1930s against the Japanese invasion. This will lead us to Jinshanling, a section famed for its watchtowers and grand brickwork. It is here, in one of Jinshanling’s watchtowers where we will camp overnight. We finish at the western portion of Simatai (the rest is closed for the time being), a steep portion where the hiking is tougher than usual.



The highest challenge that you will ever have from hiking on the Great Wall of China!

High physical demand
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