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Great Wall Ultimate Trekking
from 9-12 Days





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Famous Great Wall Trekking for Nine Days and Twelve Days on the Great Wall

9-day and 12-day-hikes are all available year-round.



Nine-day Trekking & Camping Tour

Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Simatai-Black Dragon Pool, Jiankou-Mutianyu


Challenging Grade:

This option is the complete package. We will pick you up at the airport, and bring you to a 4 star hotel centrally located in Beijing. Then your epic hike will begin. In addition to the Gubeikou-Jinshanling-Simatai tour, which has the best of both Great Wall worlds, this tour also combines the natural wonder of Black Dragon Pool (the best waterfall in northern China), mountains, as well as the ability to explore local villages and townships. The Jiankou to Mutianyu hike is a joy to hike with its dramatic ruins, and is good for some excellent photographs.

This tour will add to your knowledge of the Great Wall, as you will gain a greater understanding of the wall’s architecture, military purpose, and structure. This hike is of course a long and sometimes challenging one (at 80km/50 miles for the 10 day total), so you should be in good physical condition.

At the end of your tour you will have the option of going with us to some of the best sights in Beijing and all of China. If you’d like you have the option of going to the Forbidden City, Temple of heaven, the Summer Palace, the Lhama Temple, or if the hike has worn you out, you can go on a breezy and relaxing rickshaw tour of Beijing hutongs.

At the end of your stay, your hard work on your hike will pay off as you will get to enjoy a nice Chinese dinner.

Please join us for a hike that will show you the best of the Great Wall from Beijing all the way to the Yellow Sea!


*Bonus: Free Chinese royal foot massage at Beijing's #1 Massage & Health Center.


Read complete itinerary of this 9-day Great Wall trekking and hiking tour.

Check testimonials from former hikers and view their photos.



Twelve-day Trekking & Camping Tour

Old Dragon's Head- Shanhaiguan, East Qing Tombs-Huangyaguan, Simatai-Jinshanling-Gubeikou, and Jiankou-Mutianyu

Challenging Grade:

The twelve-day Route we have here is designed to give you the maximum experience out of your Great Wall hiking and your time in China. On this hike we will start from Old Dragon’s Head, the easternmost point of the Great Wall, and will start to make our way westward. You will see most of the eastern Great Wall that is open to the public, all the way from the Yellow Sea to Beijing.

In addition to wild ruins, dramatic peaks and valleys, and stately fortresses, we will also take some enjoyable excursions to the East Qing Tombs and local villages, giving you a more well-rounded introduction to Chinese culture in addition to the Great Wall.

Once you have made it back to good old Beijing, you will be welcomed back with a nice Chinese dinner. Consider the dinner payback for a job well done. Being in Beijing, you will have the choice to go with us on our tours to the sights that Beijing has. You can go to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, the Ming Tombs, or one of our custom-made rickshaw tours of Beijing hutongs.

This tour includes both free pick-up and drop-off at the airport and your hotel, which will be centrally located and top of the line (at least 4 stars).


*Bonus: Free Chinese royal foot massage at Beijing's #1 Massage & Health Center.



Read complete itinerary of this 12-day Great Wall trekking and camping tour.

Check testimonials from former hikers and view their photos.




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