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As Chairman Mao said, “You are not a real man (or woman!) unless you’ve climbed the Great Wall.”

Now you made it!

These pictures were sent to us from our clients after their Great Wall hikes and tours. They were able to meet the challenge of the wall with bravery and determination, and now they can be a part of our Great Wall Adventure Club Hall of Fame! Gongxi ni! (Congratulations!)

If you would like to be a part of our Hall of Fame just send us your photos from your adventure or you can have your guide take your photo for you. We’ll post them here, so you can be a part of our Hall of Fame for all of time. Now you and your friends can see all the fun and excitement you had on your jaunt on the Great Wall, and maybe it just might motivate them to have a little Great Wall adventure of their own! And of course, we’d be happy to make it all happen!

If you had a memorable time on your Great Wall adventure, you are also welcome to write us a short
testimonial, so the whole world can know more about the beauty and wonder of the Great Wall, and all of China for that matter. You can click to see more Hall of Famers on the next page.

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Hall of Famer John Eyberg from USA said,

"We have been there, gone on the single most incredible human engineered construction project without power tools that I have ever seen--The Great Wall!  Joseph did an excellent job setting us up for the climb. It was wonderful, I'll certainly be passing on the good word about all of you! Thank you very much! "

and Hall of Famer Ed from Canada added,

Sorry it took so long to send these pictures. We had some trouble with our camera storage but we managed to get a backup sent to us. Here are about 14 pictures of our hike. The hike was absolutely amazing under blue skies, and the tour was definitely the right choice. We saw our friends pictures of their trip to Badaling wall and it didn't even compare to our authenticate experience. Their pictures showed a newly rebuilt wall while our experience felt like we were standing on ancient history. It was the highlight of our 5 week trip. Our guide told very interesting stories along the way. The driver took very good care of us and even detoured past the Olympic stadium on the drive back to Beijing so that we could have a look at it. We were very glad to have chosen  for our one in a lifetime adventure."


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