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Best Sections of The Great Wall of China to Visit

Choose the Best Parts of the Great Wall for Unique Hiking and Camping


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best parts of great wall of china


If you visit the most crowded and accessible portion of the Great Wall-Badaling , especially in holiday seasons, you may find yourself in an awkward situation: The scenery is fantastic, but it’s hard to concentrate on it as you are packed in a big crowd!

There is only one Great Wall, but there are quite a few separate sections for you to explore near Beijing. Your choice depends on whether you prefer seeing the wall in its original state or a restored section? Does it bother you that you will be with thousands of other sightseers or prefer relative solitude? Would you like to go to a trekking tour, camp overnight on the wall or even fly over the wall by helicopter? The best of the Great Wall to visit is largely based on personal preference and tastes. Here’s some advice:

Badaling: This is by far the most representative and probably most famous section of the Great Wall. It is the grandest and most splendid section of all, closest to Beijing city proper, convenient to access and easier to climb, thus the most visited. However, it always swamped with tour groups, individual tourists and hawkers, which may affect your photography and ease with which to enjoy the views. Badaling  is well managed and consequently, much safer to walk along than other sections.

Mutianyu: This is the second most redeveloped section after Badaling, with high forest cover and remarkable views in fall and summer. MuTianYu is steeper than Badaling but less congested by tourists, souvenir sellers and especially pickpockets. Here you will find a truly mind blowing experience, and is one of the best parts of the Great Wall to visit.

Simatai: If you fancy an adventure, it is better to visit SiMaTai , which has had less renovation yet is well preserved. As well as its ruins, it also has an intact section, so Simatai is considered by many tourists from home and abroad as one of the best parts of the Great Wall. Specifically, the eastern part of Simatai is more challenging while the western part is much easier to climb. Here you will seldom encounter vacationers. However, elders and those who are not in good physical condition are advised not to climb this section in view of its cragginess. Please note: A large portion of Simatai is closed due to government renovation, but is due to re-open sometime in 2014.

Jinshanling: This section is completely un-restored, with almost no crowds and hawkers. However, SiMaTai is much steeper, which is favored by most foreign travelers.

Huanghuacheng: Huanghuacheng is largely restored, remote but more easily accessible. Getting to Huanghuacheng is a little difficult, as there is no direct bus that goes from Beijing. Still this is the place for you if you like beautiful scenery, mountains, lakes and peacefulness of it. You could easily spend a whole day by walking from Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu, and is also one of the best parts of the Great Wall to visit.

Each section of the Great Wall would take up a large part of your day to get to and return from, including the visit. It’s very necessary to research which part of the Great Wall is the best to visit in terms of your interests, budget, how much time you have and so on, and find out how to avoid large crowds, who may ruin your whole Great Wall experience!

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Go to Gubeikou, Simatai, and Jinshanling to see the real marvel of the Great Wall.?

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