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Beijing Tour Packages

We offer the most comprehensive Beijing tour packages with great value prices. Carefully designed itineraries for your guided tour packages and self-service routes ensure that such hotspots like Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, as well as the exciting Chinese Kung Fu Show are well within your budget.

With one of our Beijing tour packages, you will be treated with the greatest amount of care, and your Beijing tour guide will be top notch. With most of them university graduates, our Beijing tour guides have received the highest amount of professional training in the hospitality industry. They all love their work and are ready to render their good service to you. If you have any special request for your Beijing tour guide service, please feel free to contact us!


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Beijing Travel Guide

·       Beihai Park
·       Beijing Airport
·    Beijing Antiques Market
Beijing Attractions
Beijing Bus
       Beijing Cuisine
·       Beijing Districts & Counties
·       Beijing Ditan Park
·       Beijing Facts
·       Beijing Driver's License
·       Beijing Foreign Embassies
·       Beijing Geography
·       Beijing History
·       Beijing Houhai Lake
·       Beijing Hot Spring Resorts
       Beijing Map and Population
·       Beijing Night Entertainment
·       Beijing Olympic Site
·       Beijing Planetarium
·       Beijing Purple Bamboo Park
       Beijing Railway
·       Beijing Restaurant
·       Beijing Ring Road
·      Beijing Ritan Park
·       Beijing Shopping
·       Beijing Subway System
·       Beijing Shopping
·       Beijing Taxi
Beijing Temple
·       Beijing Tourism
Beijing Traffic
·       Beijing transportation
Beijing Travel Tips
·       Beijing University
Beijing Weather
·       Beijing Zoo and Aquarium
·       Capital Museum
·       Drum and Bell Towers
·       Forbidden City
·       Ming Tombs
·       Summer Palace
·       Temple of Heaven
·       Tiananmen Square
·       Temple of Confucius
·      Prince Gong's Mansion
       Yonghe Lama Temple
       798 Art Zone

Beijing Tour Packages - A guide for tourists in Beijing

Good News! From Jan 1st, 2013, tourists from 45 countries holding third country visas and plane tickets are entitled to enjoy a 72-hour visa free stay in Beijing. That is to say, tourists who transit at Beijing Capital Airport to other countries could plan a 3-day Beijing tour package without needing a tourist visa. Traveling to Beijing has never been easier!

Beijing, the capital of China, has so much to offer tourists. As one of China's four ancient capitals, Beijing is China's center for art and culture. Beijing is home to some of the most stunning architectural wonders in the world. The Imperial residences and parks such as the Forbidden City and Summer Palace never fail to awe visitors with their grandeur and scale, military fortifications such as the Great Wall and City Gates humble visitors with their sheer scale, the walled Hutongs which have been home to Beijing residents for centuries never fail to surprise visitors with what lies around the next corner. Beijing is an exciting and dynamic city. It is the perfect place to see China's incredible ancient past and exciting present. For those wishing to travel in China, there’s no better place to begin your quest with a trip to Beijing.

In addition to our regular Beijing day trips, here are some of our most popular Beijing travel packages:

Beijing Package Routes:

Being the capital city, Beijing has peerless historical sites and extensive traffic, so traveling to other cities from here is quite convenient. Taking this advantage, you may choose any of your preferred destinations as you wish.

**Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Tianmen are the must-see attractions in Beijing

Hutong Experience:

Hutong, the old alley or lane existing only in our capital city, is one of the representatives of the old city, where you may visit the local people's lifestyle in Sihe courtyard with the image of light blue tiles, grey walls, green plants and a red gate. For any tourist to Beijing, a visit to one of Beijing’s remaining Hutongs is a must.

Great Wall Tours:

A saying goes like 'he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a real man'. This exaggeration has given a full expression of the importance of the Great Wall. And only when you are there will you have an immersed sense of the majesty of the Wall. No travel to Beijing is complete without a visit to the Great Wall.

Bike Adventures:

Cycling is a cozy and relaxing way to move around a city that is often in the thralls of traffic congestion. You will cross the main streets and ride through narrow lanes to get to some places where cars cannot reach to experience a more local and real representation of a Beijing residents' life. 

Learn more about Beijing Private Tours and Beijing Bus Tour routes



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