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Beijing Tour Guide: Restaurants



For years the only thing missing was an American-style deli, and now there is even one of those Schlotsky's Deli (04 - 06, 2/F, Unit 2, Guomao Mansion, and 1 Jianguomenwai Da Jie).


Chinese name: ????sì hé yuàn?
The restaurant is not far from Forbidden City and beside the moat. It has a perfect romantic atmosphere with an Atelier downstairs and a Cigar Bar upstairs. The original Western Food offered here are like an ancient work of art. Of course, owing to its perfect geographic position as well as tasty table delicacies, the price is a bit high.
Average Cost per Person: CNY400
Recommended Dishes: Goose Liver Sauce, Steak, Dessert, Salmon
Location: No.95, Donghuamen Dajie, Dongcheng District

Grandma's Kitchen

Chinese name: ??????z? m? de chú fáng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Roast Sweet Potato Skin, Mushroom Cream Soup, Milk Shake
Grandma's Kitchen (Xiushui Branch)
Location: No.11 A, Xiushui Nanjie, Chaoyang District
Grandma's Kitchen (Jianwai SOHO Branch)
Location: No.0103 B, Jianwai SOHO, No.39, 3rd East Ring Road, Chaoyang District
Grandma's Kitchen (Nanchizi Branch)
Location: No.47-2, Nanchizi Dajie, Dongcheng District

T. G. I. Friday's

Chinese name: ??????x?ng q? w? c?n t?ng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY100-CNY150
Recommended Dishes: BBQ Ribs, Salad, Cocktail
Hours: 10:00 - 24:00
T. G. I. Friday's (Jianguomen Branch)
Location: No.19, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Dongcheng District
T. G. I. Friday's (Zhongguancun Branch)
Location: 1/F, Friendship Hotel, No.1, Zhongguancun Nan Dajie, Haidian District
T. G. I. Friday's (Jinrongjie Branch)
Location: No.9-2, Jinchengfang Jie, Xicheng District
T. G. I. Friday's (Guanghua Branch)
Location: 1/F B, Guanghua Mansion, No.8, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District

Steaks and Eggs

Chinese name: ????x? lái zh?ng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY50-CNY100
Recommended Dishes: Tuna Fish Salad, Pumpkin Cake, Pancakes
Steaks and Eggs (Xiushui Branch)
Location: 5, Xiushui Nan Jie, Chaoyang District
Steaks and Eggs (Jingshunlu Branch)
Location: No.8, south of Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District


Chinese name: Tim's ????Tim's x?n k?o fáng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY80-CNY150
Recommended Dishes: Texas-size Beef Brisket, Rugular Beef Brisket, Salmon Fillet, Onion Rings, South Texas Potato Salad
Hours: 09:00 – 24:00
Location: No.44, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District


Chinese name: ?????x? d? níu pái?
Average Cost per Person: CNY98
Recommended Dishes: Filet Steak, Madrid Style Beef Carpaccio
Location: 5/F, SOGO Emporium (south), No.8, Xuanwumenwai Dajie, Xuanwu District

Wang Steak

Chinese name: ???????wáng p?n tái sù níu pái?
Average Cost per Person: CNY222
Recommended Dishes: Steak
Location: 1/F, Miyang Mansion, Yongan Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Hard Rock Café

Chinese name: ?????yì shí c?n t?ng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY100-CNY200
Recommended Dishes: Steak, Onion Rings, Brownies Cake, Sandwich
Hours: 11:30 - 02:00 (the next day)
Location: No.8, Dong Sanhuan Bei Lu (West Hall of Liangmahe Dasha), Chaoyang District


Chinese name: ???????k? l? shì tiáo rè g?u?
Average Cost per Person: CNY20
Recommended Dishes: Kala Hotdog, Munich Hotdog, Poland Hotdog
Location: No.1058, B1, Xinguang Tiandi, No.87, Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District

Outback Steakhouse

Chinese name: ???????ào bài kè níu pái diàn?
Average Cost per Person: CNY190
It is a typical restaurant serving genuine steaks.
Recommended Dishes: Steak, Fried Mushroom, Fillet Steak, Black Bread
Outback Steakhouse (Gongti Branch)
Location: in the north gate of Workers' Stadium, Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District
Outback Steakhouse (Wangfujing Branch)
Location: 1/F A, Beijing Hotel (East), No.33, Dong Changan Jie, Dongcheng District

Papa John's Pizza

Chinese name: ??????bàng yu? hàn p? sà?
The restaurant serves genuine American pizza.
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Recommended Dishes: Pizza, Chicken's Wing, Cheese Stick
Papa John's Pizza (Shuangjing Branch)
Location: A, Fuli Cheng, No.9, Guangqumenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Papa John's Pizza (Jinyuan Branch)
Location: 1/F, Jinyuan Times Shopping Center, No.1, Yuanda Lu, Haidian District
Papa John's Pizza (Jiali Branch)
Location: B1, Jiali Center, No.1, Guanghua Lu, Chaoyang District

ARIA Restaurant

Chinese name ????? lì y??
Average Cost per Person: CNY300
Recommended Dishes: Steak
Location: 2/F, China World Hotel, No.1, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Hot Pot:

For the cold weather, Hotpot is the favorite of Beijing people. From the quantity and quality of Beijing Hotpot Restaurants, we may conclude how Beijing people love it. There are basically two kinds of hotpot restaurants in Beijing: Mongolian style and Sichuan style. The staple of both types of hotpot is mutton (yáng ròu). The meat is usually sliced frozen so that it curls up into a tube shape. Then you place the meat into the hotpot, which is a copper pot containing a boiling soup base. After a few seconds the meat is cooked and you dip it into a sesame butter sauce. The verb describing the action of cooking the meat this way is called 'shuan'. Other shuan-ables include beef (féi níu), frozen bean curd (dòng dòu f?), Chinese cabbage (bái cài), bean sprouts (dòu miáo), and glass noodles (f?n s?). Spicy Sichuan hotpot has a soup base which can be described as either super spicy or mildly radioactive, but the pot is often divided into half spicy, half non-spicy soup pots. The soup base for Mongolian style is not spicy, and usually consists of some vegetables and seafood.

Tian Yi Shun

Chinese name: ????ti?n y? shùn? Everyday, the restaurant is crowded with hotpot lovers. The boiling soup is delicious, with tangy hot flavors, and the mutton is fresh. Sheep's backbone stewed in the pot is extremely delicious.
Average Cost per Person: CNY40
Recommended Dishes: Sheep's Backbone
Tian Yi Shun (Yiheyuan Branch)
Location: No.88-11, Beisihuan Xilu, Haidian District
Tian Yi Shun (Wukesong Branch)
Location: No.9, Fushi Lu, Haidian District

Golden Paddy

Chinese name: ????j?n dào g??
The hotpot served here is highly praised for its genuine Sichuan flavor. Cold Pot Fish is the recommended dish. The big pot is brought in with a cooked fish which should be eaten first. After that, the waiter will pour some soup into the pot and boiling it. Then, you can put some mutton and vegetables into the boiling soup for a short while and dip them into various sauces.
Average Cost per Person: CNY45
Recommended Dishes: Cold Pot Fish
Location: north of Bldg 713, Section 7 of Jinsong, Chaoyang District

Flaming Phoenix

Chinese name: ????hu? fèng huáng?
The restaurant offers the hotpot with bullfrog, braised chicken and rabbit meat. It has lots of hot flavor.
Average Cost per Person: CNY70
Recommended Dishes: Bullfrog, Braised Chicken
Flaming Phoenix (Xinzhongjie Branch)
Location: No.50, Xinzhong Jie, Dongcheng District
Flaming Phoenix (Dongzhimen Branch)
Location: No.15-8, Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District
Flaming Phoenix (Dewai Branch)
Location: No.18 A, Deshengmenwai Dajie, Xicheng District
Flaming Phoenix (Yonghegong Branch)
Location: No.62 A, Yonghegong Dajie, Dongcheng District

Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant

Chinese name: ??????hóng yuán shuàn ròu chéng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY47
Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant (Tiantan Branch)
Location: Bldg 13, Yongneidongjie Dongli, Chongwen District
Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant (Andingmen Branch)
Location: Bldg 3 B, Andingmenqiao Dongheyan, Dongcheng District
Hongyuan Rinse Meat Restaurant (Nangongfang Branch)
Location: No.1, Nangongfang Hutong, Xicheng District

Hai Di Lao

Chinese name: ????h?i d? l?o?
Average Cost per Person: CNY50 – CNY60
Hai Di Lao (Da Hui Temple Branch)
Location: 2, Da Hui Temple Lu, Haidian District
Hai Di Lao (Mudanyuan Branch)
Location: No.2, Huayuan Donglu, Haidian District
Hai Di Lao (Jinsong Branch)
Location: No.29, Nanmofang Lu, Chaoyang Disttict
Hai Di Lao (Baizhifang Branch)
Location: Bldg 1-2, No.42, Guanganmen Nanjie, Xuanwu District
Hai Di Lao (Beiao Branch)
Location: 3/F, Beiao Mansion, No.2 A, Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District
Hai Di Lao (Xidan Branch)
Location: 7/F, Xi Youyi Emporium, No.109, Xidan Beidajie, Xicheng District

Little Sheep

Chinese name: ????xi?o féi yáng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Little Sheep (Caishikou Branch)
Location: No.43, Guanganmennei Dajie, Xuanwu District
Little Sheep (Tiantongyuan Branch)
Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Location: No.21, Tiantongyuan, Changping District
Little Sheep (Xiaoxitian Branch)
Location: No.37, Wenhuiyuan Xijie, Haidian District
Little Sheep (Yayuncun Branch)
Location: Bldg1, Yayuncun Anhuibeili Yayuan, Huizhong Beilu, Chaoyang District
Little Sheep (Jinsong Branch)
Location: Bldg 811, Section 8, Jinsong, Chaoyang District
Little Sheep (Guozhan Branch)
Location: No.34, Xibahe Zhongli, Chaoyang District

Yushanfang Hot and Spicy Pot

Chinese name: ????????yù shàn fáng má là xi?ng gu??
It is not the common hotpot. The meat and the vegetables here are fried together with hot flavor.
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Location: No.26-2, Beifengwo Lu, Haidian District

Jing Fu Hua

Chinese name: ????j?ng fú huá?
Average Cost per Person: CNY46
Recommended Dishes: Fat Beef
Location: North of Panjiayuanqiao, Chaoyang District

Neng Ren Ju Restaurant

Chinese name: ????néng rén j??
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Hours: 11:00 - 23:00
Location: No.135, Xi Da Jie, Qianmen

Mr.8 Rinse Meat Restaurant

Chinese name: ???????b? xi?n sh?ng shuàn ròu f?ng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY60
Location: Bldg 14, Section 3, Sanlihe, Xicheng District

Chongqing Jinshancheng Hotpot (Huayuanqiao Branch)

Chinese name: ????????chóng qìng j?n sh?n chéng hu? gu??
Average Cost per Person: 40 Yuan - 80 Yuan
Hours: 11:00-23:00
Location: 12, Bei Wa Lu (inside Zhongzi Mansion), Haidian District

Tiandu Chongqing Hotpot Restaurant

Chinese name: ????????ti?n d? chóng qìng hu? gu? chéng?
Average Cost per Person: CNY 50
Hours: 11:30 - 22:00
Location: 86, Xueyuan Nan Lu, Haidian District

Huang Cheng Lao Ma (Dewai Branch)

Chinese name: ?????huáng chéng l?o m??
Average Cost per Person: CNY100
Hours: 11:00 - 24:00
Location: 9, Jiaochangkou Jie, Xicheng District

Beijing Roast Duck:

According to a Chinese saying, no visit to Beijing is complete if you miss seeing the Great Wall or dining on Roast Duck. As a famous and delicious food with very long history, Beijing Roast Duck is an excellent choice if you want to understand more about Chinese cuisine, culture and customs.

It is thought that Beijing roast duck, like the tradition of roast turkey in America, owes its origin to the roast goose that is still popular in Europe on festive occasions. Westerners like Marco Polo brought certain European customs to China and may have introduced the concept of roasting poultry to their Chinese hosts during the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368). Ducks had long been domesticated in China and the plump ducks proved to be an excellent substitute for goose in much the same way as the American colonizers found the native turkey to be. However, there is another school of thought based upon certain records that show roast duck has a much longer history dating back as far as the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420 - 589). Up until the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279), ducks were roasted in the area around Jinling, today's Nanjing. However, the later Yuan Dynasty rulers moved their capital city to Beijing from Jinling and took with them their cuisine thus making roast duck popular in the city that was eventually to make it its very own specialty.

The ducks were originally roasted in a conventional convection oven until Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) when roast ducks became a delicacy in the imperial menu and were highly regarded by emperors and other members of the ruling classes. The ducks used during this period were a special breed namely the White Beijing Duck and a new method of cooking was employed, by suspending the ducks over the flame in an open oven. These two traditional methods of cooking have resulted in the two major present day schools of roast duck preparation.

The initial method has been perpetuated by very few restaurants among which Bianyi Fang (Convenient and Comfortable) Restaurant, established in 1861, is the most famous. There serves roast duck with a well-preserved traditional flavor. The second method is relatively well-known and used with great success by the Quan Ju De Restaurant. Today, Quan Ju De means Beijing Roast Duck to many Chinese people as well as foreign visitors.

Over a long period of development exceeding some 140 years, a consummate and precise procedure for cooking Beijing Roast Duck has been firmly established:

First, a suitable White Beijing Duck will be chosen for preparation. After the bird has been plucked, air is pumped between its skin and flesh. A small incision is made for the removal of the entrails.

Secondly, and once the bird has been thoroughly cleaned, a wooden skewer is inserted through it to facilitate its hanging and ultimate heating; the body cavity is filled with water and the incision that had been made is closed.

Thirdly, the skin of the duck is air dried and brushed with a layer of sugar.

Fourthly, the duck is then put into a large oven, using a smokeless hardwood fuel and heating to about 270 degrees Centigrade for 30 to 40 minutes. The duck is turned frequently during the roasting process to ensure even cooking.

Then the delicious roast duck is ready! It will be a shining date-red in color and unique in flavor; Beijing Roast Duck is characterized by its crispy skin and tender texture. Besides the traditional roast duck, many restaurants offer an All Duck Banquet - various dishes cooked with the offal and juices of the duck, surrounding the main dish. It will be sure to give you satisfaction and enjoyment when dining.

In addition, there are some points to which you need to pay attention when having Beijing Roast Duck. The best seasons for eating it are spring, autumn and winter. The hot roast duck will be brought to the dining table by the chef where he will slice it into more than 100 thin flakes, each having its piece of crispy skin. The way to really enjoy the succulent meat is as follows: first take one of the small, thin pancakes provided and spread it with plum sauce, small slices of spring onions and then add some pieces of duck. Finally roll up the pancake and take a bite. You will be surprised by the terrific taste!

Beijing Snacks:

Traditional Beijing Snack is a prized delicacy in Beijing Cuisine. Some restaurants serve the local snacks that have been enjoyed by the townspeople for hundreds of years. Now, these time-honored restaurants are again alive with vigor. Following are some featured restaurants we recommend to you:

Du Yi Chu Shao Mai

Chinese name: ??????d? y? chù sh?o mài?
In Qianmen Street, there is a restaurant that has been enjoyed by the locals for hundreds of years. It is said that the name of the restaurant was given by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The restaurant has a history of over 300 years and it is still doing well. Shao Mai is a kind of steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top. Shao Mai with vegetable stuffing as well as meat stuffing is well liked by the diners. Temporarily, to support the repair work of the Palace Museum, the restaurant was moved to Fengtai District.
Location: No.15, Fangcheng Yuan Cate Street, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District

Hua Tian Restaurant

Chinese name: ?????huá ti?n xi?o ch??
It is also a restaurant with long history. Since the 1980s, there was a Muslim restaurant simply named as Xiao Chi Bu, selling traditional Beijing snacks. Now, after many years' development, the taste of the snacks here is as genuine as before. Dou Zhi (Bean Soup), Zha Gao (Fried Cake) and Jiao Quan (Fried Bread Ring) are the most popular snacks here.
Location: Northeast corner of the crossroad of Di'anmen Street, Dongcheng District

Bei Ping Lou Restaurant

Chinese name: ??????b?i ping lóu j?u lóu?
This is a traditional Beijing restaurant, offering all kinds of Beijing local snacks. As well as the delicious dishes, the decoration of the restaurant is also impressive. The waiter wears a short gown with a towel hanging over his shoulder. When entering the restaurant, you will be taken back to the old Beijing in 1930s.
Average Cost per Person: CNY40
Bei Ping Lou Restaurant (Liu Pu Keng Branch)
Location: No.65, Liupukeng, Xichang District
Bei Ping Lou Restaurant (Ta Yuan Branch)
Location: No.1, Ta Yuan, Haidian District
Bei Ping Lou Restaurant (Dianmen Branch)
Location: No.181 (Jia), West Street, Dianmen Gate, Dongcheng District
Bei Ping Lou Restaurant (Pan Jia Yuan Branch)
Location: No.48, Wusheng Dongli, Chaoyang District
Bei Ping Lou Restaurant (Liuliqiao Branch)
Location: No.17, Liuliqiao Nanli, Fengtai District

Dao Jia Chang

Chinese name: ????dào ji? cháng?
It is an ideal place to taste real Beijing Cuisine as well as the catering culture of Beijing. The traditional Beijing Cuisine served here, especially the noodles with soybean paste, will make your mouth water.
Average Cost per Person: CNY30
Dao Jia Chang (Guangxumen Branch)
Location: No.20, Guangxumen Beili, Chaoyang District
Dao Jia Chang (Shilipu Branch)
Location: east of Huangtang Department Store, Shilipu, Chaoyang District

Da Zhai Men

Chinese name: ????dà zhái mén?
The restaurant is highly praised for its menu. Every day, there are performances in the big hall of the restaurant. The diners can enjoy the performances while having their meal.
Average Cost per Person: CNY80
Location: No.3, Huixin Beili, Chaoyang District
Da Zhai Men (Changping Branch)
Location: No.23, Fuxue Road, Changping District

Gou Bu Li Baozi (steamed stuffed bun)

Chinese name: ??????g?u bù l? b?o z??
Gou Bu Li Baozi is the most famous steamed stuffed bun all over the country. It originated in 1858 in Tianjin. The steaming hot Baozi in a delicate shape will surely make your mouth water.
Average Cost per Person: CNY20-CNY30
Gou Bu Li Baozi (Wangfujing Branch)
Location: Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District (opposite the south gate of Wangfujing Department Store)
Gou Bu Li Baozi (Qianmen Branch)
Location: Dazhalan, Qianmen, Chongwen District
Gou Bu Li Baozi (Dongdan Branch)
Location: No.88, Dongdan Street (North), Dongcheng District
Gou Bu Li Baozi (Haidian Branch)
Location: No.3, Maolinju, Fuxing Road, Haidian District

Jiu Men Snacks

Chinese name: ?????j?u mén xi?o ch??
It is the heaven of Beijing snacks lovers as nearly all the Beijing snacks are gathered here and waiting for you to taste.
Average Cost per Person: CNY35
Location: No.1, Xiyou Hutong, Shichahai Houhai, Xicheng District

Dao Xiang Cun

Chinese name: ????dào xi?ng c?n?
It is a time honored brand restaurant serving genuine Beijing snacks. There are many branches all over the city.
Average Cost per Person: CNY20
Recommended Dishes: Pancake in Oxtongue Shape, Pea-flour Cake
Location: Bldg B1, Xinguang World, No.87, Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District

Liu Bi Ju

Chinese name: ????lìu bì j??
The restaurant enjoys a long history. The tablet hanging above the entrance was written by Yan Song, a prime minister in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Pickles that have a salty flavor are the special dishes of the restaurant.
Location: No.3, Wai Langshidian, Xuanwu District

Xiao Wang Fu

The homely dishes of Beijing cooked here have satisfied so many people's appetite. The priceis also reasonable.
Chinese name: ???
Average Cost per Person: CNY50
Location of Guanghua Branch: No.2 Building, Guanghua Dongli, Chaoyang District
Location of Ritan Branch: inside Ritan Park, Ritan Lu, Chaoyang District

Sha Guo Ju

Chinese name: ????sh? gu? j??
Average cost per person: CNY15-CNY20
Hours: 11:30 - 13:30 17:00 - 20:00
Location: 60 Xisi Nan Da Jie, Xicheng District

Da Wan Cha Restaurant

Chinese name: ??????dà w?n chá ji? ji??
Average cost per person: CNY50
Hours: 9:00 - 22:00
Location: 3F Bldg. 3 Zhengyang Market, Qianmen Xi Jie, Chongwen District

You Yi Shun Restaurant

Chinese name: ??????yòu y? shun fàn zhu?ng?
Average cost per person: CNY50
Hours: 10:30 - 22:00
Location: 28 Huangsi Jie, Desheng Men, Xicheng District

Lvrou Houshao Wang (Donkey Meat and Baked Wheaten Cake)

Chinese name: ??????lú ròu hu? sh?o wáng?
Average cost per person: CNY10-CNY20
Location: 90, Huguosi Jie, Xicheng District

Yi Wan Ju Noodles (noodles with chopped meat in fried bean sauce)

Chinese name: ????y? w?n j??
Average cost per person: CNY30
Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Location: Bldg. 5, 4th Section, Anhui Bei Li, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District

Snack Streets:

Local snacks are a special feature of Beijing. Tourists can taste not only the local Beijing flavors, but those of other regions as well. Snack-stalls in the night markets are always popular and busy destinations.

Donghuamen Snack Night Market

Chinese name: ??????d?ng huá mén yè shì?
By following the wafting aroma of cooking, tourists can find the most natural and simple flavors of Old Beijing in the street. Located at the northern entrance of Wangfujing Street, Donghuamen Night Market is the most famous snack street in Beijing, popular with both locals and tourists as well. After its pedestrianization, Donghuamen Snack Night Market became the No. 1 snack street in Beijing. When the night falls, the assortment of tasty treats from both northern and southern China, plus the bustling crowds and the rhythmical huckstering is another attraction in Beijing you shouldn't miss.
Location: north of Donganmen Street, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 10, 20, 37, 41, 59, 103, 104, 120, 201, 203, 205, 803

Gui Street

Chinese name: ???gu? ji??
Most restaurants in the street are open around the clock. If you are a night owl, Gui Street in Dongzhi Gate, is a good place to spend until the wee hours of the morning. The late hours of the night are usually the busiest times on this street, whose specialty is Spicy Lobster. Picture yourself sitting in an old chair inside an ancient courtyard house under the grapevines appreciating photos from long-ago but most important savor the aroma and taste of the succulent dishes.
Location: Dongzhimennei Dajie, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 106, 116, 807 (get off at Xinqiao (North) Stop), 606, 713 (get off at Dongzhimennei Xiaojie Stop)

Wangfujing Snack Street

Chinese name: ???????wáng f? j?ng xi?o ch? ji??
A dazzling array of snacks from all corners of China can be found here. The majority of diners here are foreign, and the cost is not low. However, for a comfortable and relaxing meal, Xin Dong An Restaurant comes highly recommended.
Location: south of Haoyou Department Store, Wangfujing Business Street, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 20, 37, 41, 59, 103, 104, 120, 420, 802 (get off at Wangfujing Stop)

Longfusi Snack Street

Chinese name: ???????lóng fú sì xi?o ch? ji??
This street is also famed for its Beijing local snacks. Bai Kui Lao Hao, a Muslim restaurant, is recommended for its authentic Beijing fare.
Location: north of Dongsi Longfu Mansion, Dongcheng District
Bus Route: 104, 108, 210, 803 (get off at Art Gallery (North) Stop)

Niu Jie Muslim Snack Street

Chinese name: ???niú ji??
Niu Jie Muslim Street occupies an area about 35.9 hectares (88.7 acres). There are people from over 20 minority groups living in the street. Hui make up the greater part of that. The largest and oldest mosque — Niu Jie Mosque is located here. Everything is heavy with the exotic flavor of our minority groups. So is the food. The famous Turpan Restaurant offers visitors genuine Uygur food.
Location: Guanganmen, Xuanwu District
Bus Route: 53, 61, 109, 822 (get off at Niu Jie Stop)

Qianmen Snack Street

Chinese name: ??????qián mén xi?o ch? ji??
There are a number of time-honored restaurants in Qianmen Street, including Quanjude Roast Duck, Duyichu Shaomai and Yitiaolong Restaurant.
Bus Route: 2, 5, 17, 22, 44, 110, 120, 201, 826 (get off at Qianmen Stop)

Guanganmen Snack Street

Chinese name: ???????gu?ng ?n mén xi?o ch? ji??
Starting from Liuliqiao in west to Hufangqiao in east, Guanganmen Snack Street is the only snack street in the southern part of the city. Known for its hot and spicy flavor, Sichuan cuisine is a specialty of this street. Li Lao Die Xiang La Xie (Father Li Hot Crab) and Tan Yu Tou (Fish Head Tan) are special favorites with customers.
Bus Route: 5, 6, 19, 109, 201, 816 (get off at Baiguang Road Stop)

Shichahai Snack Street

Chinese name: ?????????shí chà h?i xi?o ch? y? tiáo ji??
The most popular snack street in Beijing, day or night it is filled with throngs people busily coming and going and partaking of the fare. In addition to the traditional local snack shops, there are many famous chain restaurants such as Starbucks here.
Bus Route: 5, 819, 839 (get off at Guozishi Stop)

Hao Yun Jie (Good Luck Entertainment Street)

Chinese name: ????h?o yùn ji??
Lying in the Yansha Business Circle, Chaoyang District, Hao Yun Jie is a special entertainment street fulfilled with the exotic. The street combines 'fast food' snack outlets as well as restaurant-style delicacies, bars and art all together, perfectly forming an 'international dining mall' worthy of the name. There are over 20 international chain restaurants gathered here, offering diners genuine foreign cuisine. After dinner, the art galleries are just a stroll away.
Bus Route: 420, 701, 419 (get off at Anjialou Stop)

Suzhou Jie Entertainment Street

Chinese name: ????s? zh?u ji??
Situated between Suzhouqiao and Haidianqiao, Suzhou Jie Entertainment Street is a recent development and has risen rapidly in popularity. Now, it can be mentioned in the same breath with Gui Jie. It gains its high reputation from deep culture deposits. The traditional garden style restaurant predominates here.
Bus Route: 944, 809, 651, 968 (get off at Wanquanzhuang Stop)


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