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Beijing Tour Guide

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Beijing Tour Guide:
Beijing Weather and Tourist Seasons

Characterized mainly by flat land, Beijing also has hills in the north, northwest and west of Beijing. Western part of Beijing is bordered by the Xishan Mountains. Yongding River and Chaobai River are the two major rivers flowing through the city thereby making the geography of Beijing more beautiful. This capital city of China is located between 116-20' east longitude and 39-56' north latitude and has Tianjin city on its eastern border and Hebei province on the north, south and the west.

The weather in Beijing are characterized by the distinct four seasons. The summer are long, humid, and hot, winter becomes windy, dry, and cold, and the pleasant spring and autumn are short. With late spring and autumn being the best seasons for tourists to visit the city, you can see large number of tourists during these times of the year. Autumn is regarded as the golden tourist season of the year.

July being the hottest and January being the coldest, the best time for you to tour Beijing is the autumn season, September and October. The view is spectacular with the trees changing colors, and the weather is just perfect to pack up lightweight clothing. Despite the weather, the autumn season is also the fewest tourists that visit Beijing. July and August, on the other hand is the highest tour peak.

Other factor to consider when it comes to Beijing is the sandstorms and air quality. Sandstorms happen during the spring seasons. Air quality is also an issue so some days you may be able to see the whole Beijing, and others you can barely see a few hundred meters away.

No matter when you come for your Beijing tour, however it has a different face you will be able to enjoy. Come see the snow in the winter in the mountains and the Great wall, see the autumn change the trees, experience the heat and the crowd of locals and tourist in the summer, and experience the rain season of the monsoon during the spring.

Beijing has all of it. Come enjoy your Beijing tour in all four season!

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