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Hutong and Hutong
Pedicab Rickshaw Ride

Our Programs That Include Hutong Tour and
Rickshaw Ride

Bus Tour B2: Hutong, Lama Temple, Panda Garden and many more...

Private Tours:

*Half day: Hutong and Courtyard
*1-day: Hutong, Lama Temple, Houhai
*1-day: Hutong, Panda House, Drum Tower, Confucian Temple
* 2-day and more multiple-day tours also include tour to Hutong.  Please visit our Beijing Tours page.


Hutong Tour and Hutong Rickshaw, Beijing

Beijing still keeps old lanes called Hutong to show her unique lifestyle in the past, and
we'll take you to tour this Hutong, the endangered species of world tourism!



Hutong and Hutong Pedicab Rickshaw Ride

A Hutong rickshaw (or bicycle) tour of Beijing is a unique cultural experience that allows you to take a glance at the city’s traditional local life. Beijing's famous Hutongs or alleyways, are unique housing structures that have been home to Beijing's families for centuries. A "Hutong" is an ancient city alley or lane typically lined with Siheyuan (the traditional residential areas of the people of Beijing, also known as Beijing Quadrangle). In fact, many families have lived in a single Hutong for hundreds of years, and thus have formed the core of Beijing’s local customs and culture.

Most of them were built during the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1911), and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Traditionally only one family lived in one Siheyuan, but after the founding of the People's Republic of China, many families would live together in a single Siheyuan. Since most people have spent their entire lives in a single Siheyuan, everybody gets to know everybody else in their area and a single Hutong becomes like a small village within the larger metropolis of Beijing.

There are still about 4.550 Hutongs left in Beijing, but many are quickly disappearing due to Beijing’s rapid modernization and urbanization According to Reuters, the Hutongs of Beijing are listed as one of tourism’s “endangered species”, and should be seen before they disappear for good. Luckily, Great Wall Adventure Club has the ability and aptitude to provide the perfect Hutong tours. With our Beijing Hutong tours, we have carefully crafted itineraries that will take you to the best preserved and captivating of Beijing’s Hutongs. Most of these Hutongs happen to be situated near the charming lakeside area of Shichahai. With our Hutong tours you have the option of traveling by rickshaw, allowing you to see the heart of old Beijing in both comfort and style. For the more adventuresome, you can also take a Hutong cycling tour (bicycles provided by us).

A Hutong rickshaw/bicycle tour of Beijing can form the core of a wonderful Beijing tour package. A Hutong tour can also be combined with a number of great activities, from visiting Beijing’s Olympic Structures, exploring Beijing’s imperial legacy (such as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace), and of course, to visiting the nearby sections of the Great Wall. We have produced a number of detailed Beijing itineraries that take you to the best the city has to offer, but you can also consult with our travel specialists to customize your own Beijing Hutong tour and experience.

Hutong on Reuters

Special Report: 25 Places to See Before They Change Forever, Reuters News

The Wow: A hutong is a large community of traditional Chinese courtyard homes. Since the end of the last Dynasty, they have been partitioned into smaller plots, so that eight or more families often dwell in one courtyard home. The traditional hutongs are a center of culture and commerce, and a focal point of Beijing??s historical sights.

Why Now? While many of the older and more traditional hutong communities in Shanghai have disappeared, Beijing has managed to preserve large sections of hutongs. Long term, however, only a small fraction of these are likely to be saved. Demolition crews abound.

Hutong Tours

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