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One-day Great Wall Group Hike from Wild Shixiaguan to Ruined Badaling
Great Wall Sections


        >> 1-day hiking (11 routes)
0A: Mutianyu
0B: Jinshanling self-guided
          1AA: Gubeikou-Jinshanling   
1AB: Simatai West to Jinshanling
1B: Jiankou-Mutianyu
1S1: Jiankou-Mutianyu Sunset
          1S2: Gubeikou-Jinshanling Sunset

          1S3: Imperial Great Wall Sunset
1C: East Qing Tomb-Huanyaguan
1D: Huanghuacheng-Xishuiyu
             1E  Lianhuachi-Mutianyu
             1X: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-West 
Simatai 16KM

             G5: Shixiaguan - Ruined Badaling
                Group Hike

        >> 2-day hiking & camping

         (9 routes)

        >> 3-day hiking & camping

            (4 routes)

        >> 4-day trekking (3 routes)
        >> 5-day trekking (2 routes)
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RMB459 or USD75.99

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Great Wall GROUP Adventure Hike (With Lunch)
TOUR G5: Hike from Shixiaguan Pass (Stone Gorge Pass) Wild Wall
to Ruined Badaling


This tour is closed.




* Experiencing the physical challenge and the amazing views, the hiking tour from Shixiaguan Pass to Badaling sections is an ideal place for hiking enthusiasts to test themselves against its steep gradients and to enjoy the landscape; it's less crowded, and provides a unique view of the Wall, watchtowers and magnificent scenery. It's really a fun and authentic Great Wall experience.

* These two sections of Great Wall are in their original state, giving you a true and detailed look at how the Great Wall functions.


While other companies bus you from section to section, Great Wall Adventure Club lets you personally experience the majesty of the Great Wall by allowing you to physically pass from one section to the next. In contrast to driving across, this lets you see the differences between the restored, maintained, section on one side and the radically different "wild wall" on the other.


*Lunch is included.


*Group tour available on every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Private tours are available on any date upon request.



"Just want to say I really enjoyed my hike of The Wall, and lunch, today! We were lucky we had good weather -- and no snakes! Ha. The other two guests were very nice, and Gerry was a great guide -- super-nice guy, very good English, and knowledgeable. I can finally say I've been to The Wall. Yay! It was so impressive. Hopefully I can see more of it another time." -- Feedback from one of G5 hikers of August 2012.



Detailed Hiking Itinerary (Shixiaguan Pass to Badaling - 4-5 hours to hike across)


shixiaguan great wall beijingYou will be picked up at your hotel (or a nearby area) from 7:00 am by your English-speaking guide and driver, and from there we will drive to the Shixiaguan Pass Great Wall. It is about 70km away, and will take us approx. 1.5 hours of driving.  After we arrive in the Great Wall area, we'll have some lunch at a local restaurant. Following lunch we’ll start our hike.


We;ll start with the Badaling section of the Great Wall. The ruined Badaling Great Wall (now officially named “Ancient Badaling Great Wall”) is 10km southwest of the restored Badaling Great Wall. So, as its name hints, this section of the Great Wall is partially restored and more adventurous, while not being easy to climb. It is the least touristy section of the Great Wall around Beijing, which is officially opened to the public (you are not advised to hike the wild section of the Wall in Beijing). Its hikers are mainly foreign travelers instead of domestic travelers, who prefer hiking at the restored Badaling Great Wall.


After about 2-3 hours of hiking, we’ll cross over into Shixiaguan (Stone Gorge) Pass, 5km southwest of the Badaling section of the Great Wall. It is one of the most intact parts of the whole Great Wall. In spite of serious damage, the winding wall set in the lofty mountains reveals its grandeur. However, a castle in Shixiaguan was pulled down during the Great Leap Forward. Nevertheless, the wall remains relatively intact because of its strategic location. Shixiaguan Pass was originally built in the reign of Ming Emperor Wanli (about 1600 AD), which was then a key pass guarded by a large number of soldiers. There are sites such as official residences, the ancient castle, clay walls and brick walls in the village. Most of the villagers know stories about the site as well as the Great Wall. One of the tales is about the peasant's uprising during the Ming Dynasty. After the founding of Dashun State in Xi'an in 1644 during the reign of Ming Emperor Chongzhen, Li Zicheng was the leader of the peasants from northern Shaanxi Province, who wanted to overthrow the emperors and the Ming Dynasty. Li led his army east to Badaling Pass. While the rebels were trying to think of a way to occupy Badaling Pass, an old man advised them to pretend to lead the army to Shixiaguan Pass. The general of the official army in Badaling was cheated into going to Shixiaguan Pass, which gave Li the opportunity to enter Beijing through Badaling successfully. Emperor Chongzhen committed suicide, ending the Ming Dynasty. Li proclaimed himself Emperor of the Shun Dynasty which was short-lived, as about a month later, his army was defeated by the Manchus, who established the Qing Dynasty.


After another 2-3 hours of hiking, we’ll walk down the Great Wall and have a late lunch. Then we'll drive back into Beijing at about 5 -6 pm.  


This hike only goes to the unrestored part of Badaling.  It is totally different from the Badaling you have heard.


Stuff to bring on your hike

*Tough hiking boots, sunscreen and sunglasses, and water
*Backpack, and snacks or energy/protein supplements you want to have before lunch
*Extra cash for driver/guide tips
*Don’t forget your camera!

Check testimonials from former hikers and view their photos.


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