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Beijing Gongti International Youth Hostel

and  Beijing Discount Hostels and Hotels

Home of international backpackers in Beijing where Western Hostelling meets Chinese class hospitality.

Beijing Gongti Discount Hotels & Youth Hostels

Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) has formed a partnership with China's largest online discount hotel reservation network to offer 70% discount hotel rates of major hotels in China cities including Beijing. is the only Chinese online travel and accommodation booking service listed on NASDAQ. GWAC, in partnership with, has worked hard to offer our guests the lowest price to stay in Beijing while enjoying comfortable environment.

Everyday, has special hotel offers at the room rate just between US$20-30 per night in the most bustling downtown Beijing shopping and commercial districts, CBD areas of Wang Fu Jing (Wangfujing), Xi Dan (Xidan), Xin Jie Kou (Xinjiekou), Jian Guo Men (Jianguomen, World Trade Center CBD area), and Tian'anmen Square/Qian Men (Qianmen).

Check out today's great deals of our hotels and hostels for cheap but better accommodation for backpackers.

Free Consultation: We'll also assist you to book tickets for traveling by air, train and water from Beijing to other cities or aboard. Free consultation for traveling to other cities and provinces in China. 70% discount on in-house dining.


We are backpackers! Won't you be surprised by such a friendly and specially designed home for backpackers after you have had long journeys to many places in the world? Contrast to the luxury of high-end hotels and to the economy of least-equipped youth hostels, BDBA knows what a backpacker truly needs and supply the most facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We are founded by backpackers, so we know what a backpacker is looking for. Western-styled management guarantees you are comfortable with the way you live at home. The Chinese hospitality will let you experience your mission to know the ancient culture by your close-touch with Beijingers living in the old residential lanes, which have become China's cultural heritage under governmental safe-guarding. You can hear the yell of peddlers, you can chat with big-time Beijingers living here for life, you can hike to Rear Sea to listen to amateur singers and big fans of Beijing Opera when they are practicing, and you can even play Tai-chi Boxing with elder players under the shine of Beijing's early morning sunrise. 

BDBA will help you book tickets to Beijing Opera, Chinese acrobats and other cultural events. If you wish, our man-power taxi will bring you to every corner in Beijing and send you back to the days of 100 years ago. If you are fond of sports, BDBA provides you unique excitement and thrills not only through your involvement with ordinary Beijingers, but also through organized outdoor sports activities. Our feature Great Wall hiking tour allow you to enjoy the marvel of the Wall. You can also opt to outdoor camping and mountain-climbing. 


Book exchange program, foreign exchange, international long distance, bike rental, etc. 


Gongti Youth Hostel Zhaolong Youth Hostel



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