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Current Initiatives

All of Great Wall Cares’ current projects have the central goal of achieving sustainable solutions to the local development issues facing rural China.

Giving: By the benefit of our parent organization Great Wall Adventure Club we donate used computers, books, and other important educational tools to local schools (such as the elementary school and middle school along the Gubeikou Great Wall for example). Great Wall Adventure Club’s tour guides and drivers also donate items of value that they no longer use to these community’s students and parents. Through several programs we also encourage those traveling with Great Wall Adventure Club to lend a helping hand as well, be it donations of items (PCs, stationary, etc.), rounding up the price of tours, or even in valuable cultural exchanges.

Teaching: We send our employees and other associates to teach the local residents in their villages about how to properly operate these new computers and other donated items, along with working to improve their internet literacy, English skills and other knowledge and skills that they will need to succeed in this 21st century world.

Training: We the local farmers and other residents on how to better serve Western visitors and guests. This includes hands-on courses in hostel hospitality, business management, and English. As much of the communities here rely on Great Wall tourism, these courses will be invaluable to their ability to stay current and thrive.

Support existing organizations: We have a multitude of clients and partnerships in Beijing and around the world, and we actively engage them to support the causes of Great Wall Cares. The hotels that Great Wall Adventure Club has in Beijing provide hospitality training, and more aid and materials are given through our other business partners. In addition, our partner charity organizations in the USA and U.K. also support our efforts and work with us in providing these rural communities the aid, education, and technical know-how they need.

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