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At Great Wall Cares, we know at visiting the Great Wall and other area of China can be a life-altering experience. Whether you identify with the landscape or the people it can have a profound and lasting effect, and inspire a passion to look after that place for years to come. Our mission is to reach out to organizations and committed travelers like you to make a donation and invest in a specific and sustainable solution to support the China you love.

As individuals and members of the global travel community, we need to realize that much of rural China faces daunting challenges. These problems are neither simple, nor are they isolated. They range from environmental destruction and poor education, to severe unemployment, among many others.  More often than not, we simply do not face these problems with the same severity in our own home countries.

Creating a lasting impact on these social and environmental issues requires a long-term perspective and the ability to take on these issues simultaneously. This is why Great Wall Cares has created a multifaceted action and donation program, which you can learn more about under the “Current Initiatives” and “How to Give’ tabs.

We believe that by connecting people whose lives have been inspired to create change with local people and organizations capable of enacting these changes, we can make a true and lasting impact. The power of the travel and tourism industry combined with the energy and inspiration of concerned global citizens can be the driving force needed to preserve and enhance the beauty and soul of rural China.



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