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Great Wall Cares believes that working toward sustainable community development through travel requires the fervor and power of a movement.

The sustainable tourism movement is being motivated by several sectors of society: grassroots community groups, international charities and NGOs, global governmental organizations, academic institutions, private sector associations, and the travel industry itself.

Great Wall Cares wishes to partner with several organizations within these sectors in order to become a global voice and to strengthen this movement toward sustainable community development through travel.

When it comes to creating a broad, global movement these are the types of groups we are looking for in order to make a serious and profound impact:

International charity groups: These are charity organizations such as Make-A-Wish, an organization with offices and staff in many different countries around the world. What we wish to do with these international charity organizations is to donate or allows us to add some charitable initiatives to student groups traveling to China in order to help us with our programs for rural China.

Business sponsors: Many businesses have a tradition of donating to those less fortunate, and we’d like to invite them to take part in our causes. Some businesses donate to build schools and some donate when there are natural disasters. Whatever the occasion, we’d like your input.

Volunteer groups: University students from around the world are interested in charitable causes, and many work as volunteers to help those in need. We have seen this firsthand with university students in Beijing volunteering to help those in communities around the Great Wall. We plan on talking to those schools and inviting them to join us. In return, they'll get certificates for charity work in order to demonstrate their merits.

If you are part of any of the groups described above (and even if you aren’t), then we’d love to hear from you and your ideas about helping rural China.


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