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About Great Wall Cares®

While millions of visitors have had the opportunity to walk on the Great Wall, we at Great Wall Adventure Club want to shine a spotlight on those individuals living along Great Wall, and to give hope and encourage progress to them and their community.  We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients have a positive environmental and cultural impact on the places they go and the people they meet.  In order to expand upon this idea we have formed a new charitable organization called Great Wall Cares. Through aiding the local economy in terms of education, jobs, and stability, we are striving to improve the lives for these hard-working and wonderful people.  

While much of the international media spotlight on China has been focusing on the cities and urban areas, Great Wall Cares wants to shift the conversation to China’s rural areas, many of which are struggling with poverty and a lack of education. Great Wall Cares sees a world where the needs of those in rural China are given the careful attention and support they deserve from people and organizations from around the world.

Great Wall Cares plans on tackling the issues facing rural China in a multitude of ways, by giving, teaching, training, through the support of our partner businesses, charities, and schools, and by the creation of a Great Wall Charity Trek, information on which will be upcoming in the next few months. For more information on the upcoming Great Wall Charity Trek and all of our other current efforts please refer to the “Great Wall Charity Trek” and “Current Initiatives” tabs at the top of this website.

Simply put, at Great Wall Cares, we’ve been inspired. The places and the connections that we’ve made during our travels along the Great Wall- whether it’s been with the people, the land, or just the vitality of a certain area - is what drives us to utilize the powerful reach of tourism to create a positive, sustainable impact on the Great Wall that we all cherish. Great Wall Cares endeavors to build a Great Wall for an even greater tomorrow.

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