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Three-Day Hiking
on the Great Wall



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(Per Person)

# of Head USD
1 869
2-3 479
4-5 449
6-9 419
10+ 379



* Personal transfers from and to hotel/airport/train station
* Three lunches, two dinners and two breakfasts
* Water
* Accommodation for two nights
* Entry fees to Great Wall and Chengde Resort
* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide
* Free membership card
* A credit of RMB100 when you reserve the next tour with us


There are no unscheduled or
mandatory shopping stops.


Climbing Pole Rental:
$6/each/day; $10/pair/day.

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If you currently don’t have travel insurance then you will be required to purchase our PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) travel and accidental insurance.
The fee will be $7.99 per person, and will cover the duration of your hiking/camping/trekking in order to ensure that you are comprehensively protected if injured.

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Three-day Great Wall Hiking

Route 3B:
Chengde-Panjiakou and Xifengkou Featuring Great Wall under Water



Getting away from the hustle and bustle of some of the Great Wall’s busier sections, this tour lets you stretch out your feet and relax while also experiencing some of the Great Wall’s most serene and least touristy sections. This tour starts at Chengde, which served as the summertime resort for many emperors of the Qing dynasty. After touring the splendid Summer Resort and its surrounding temples, we’ll start our hike from the Panjiakou to the Xifengkou Great Wall. Set against the backdrop of a peaceful lake, this virtually empty and unrestored section allows you a much more intimate Great Wall experience than at most other sections. While hiking Xifengkou you will get to witness a most extraordinary thing-the Great Wall submerged under water! 



Tour Highlights:


1. To visit Chengde city (an imperial summer resort, of the Qing dynasty), one of the historical and cultural highlights of China.
2. To see an under water section of the Great Wall.




Day-by-day Hiking Itinerary



Day 1: Beijing to Chengde:

Your guide will meet you at your hotel between 7:30-8:00 AM. You will then head to Chengde by private van. Once in Chengde you will visit the Mountain Resort (known as the Bishushangzhuang in Chinese), a vast imperial garden once used as the summer Retreat of the Qing Dyanasty, and a UNESCO World heritage Site. The resort is famous for 72 scenic posts, how many will you be able to find.

After lunch you will visit the Small Potala Palace (Putouzongsheng in Chinese), which was modeled after the Potala Palace of Tibet. It makes up one of the “Eight Outer Temples of Chengde”. At the palace you can enjoy the fusion of Chinese and Tibetan architecture, and marvel at the Buddhist sculptures and orange yellow-tiled roofs.

After visiting the palace you will be transported to your hotel where you can enjoy a delicious dinner and an evening walk around the city of the former summer retreat of the Qing emperors.


Day 2: Chengde-Panjiakou and Xifengkou Great Wall

You will meet your guide at your hotel between 7:30-8:00 AM and drive directly to the Xifengkou Natural Resort, which is located 60km/37 miles northwest of Qinxi County, Hebei province. Upon arrival, you will take a boat to the Panjiakou reservoir. Where you can enjoy a picturesque picnic lunch by the lake and the wall.

After lunch you will start your afternoon hiking on Xifengkou Great Wall. For about 5km/1.5 miles. At the Xifengkou section you will witness the unique spectacle of “the Great Wall under the water”. The view of the flickering ancient Great Wall between mountains and blue waves, the straight isolated watchtowers and beacon towers on the peaks, and the green ranges of hills all will give you a feeling of wonder and amazement.

That night you will rest up and recharge by staying in a local farmer’s house. The farmer and family will prepare you a splendid dinner, and it will also be a memorable experience to dine with a local family. Be sure to get a good sleep, because you will have a lot to see tomorrow!


Day 3: Xifengkou-Beijing (B+L)

After waking up at 7:00AM and having breakfast in the hotel, you start climbing Xifengkou. There you will have the pleasure of exploring some of the natural wonders of Beijing. The attractions here rarely get crowded, and if there are tourists its mostly Chinese ones, so this will feel truly more authentic than visiting most of the sites in Beijing or more of the well-known sections of Great Wall.

Due to the construction of the Panjiakou Reservoir, the main part of the wall has been submerged by the rising water but it is still dimly visible, which makes it a unique sight along the Great Wall. Look down at the Xifengkou Great Wall from the top of the mountain and you will see that it looks like a giant dragon zigzagging through the water. We'll take a walk along the Xifengkou Great Wall for two hours. Afterwards we will drive back to Beijing and arrive at your hotel at around 7:00 PM.


Stuff you should bring with you:

* Tough hiking boots, sunscreen and sunglasses
* Backpack, and snacks or energy/protein supplements you want to have before lunch
* Extra cash for driver/guide tips
* Don’t forget your camera!


Complete List of 3-Day Hiking Routes


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