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Beijing Downtown Homelodge Online Reservation Form 

To find details of our Homelodge Guest House, please visit Beijing Downtown Homelodge page.

Need assistance? You also can write to or call Toll Free at 1-800-347-9981 (USA and Canada).

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Pickup at Beijing International Airport:
$20 up to 3 people, $5 each additional.
I need a pickup and am willing to pay.  I'll take shuttle bus.I'll take taxi from airport I am arriving by train.I take care of myself.
Flight Arrival Information (We need to know it no matter you require pickup or not). Airline: Flight No.:
Arrival Time: (e.g. 14:35) Departure City:
Are you planning to join our Mutianyu Great Wall adventure tour? Yes, I will. No, I don't have time. No, thanks! I've been there. No opinion.
How is your Chinese? Perfect I can speak well but can't read. I can read well but can't speak.
I can read and speak for a little  Not at all. I need translation always.
How is your English? Perfect I can speak well but can't read. I can read well but can't speak.
I can read and speak for a little.  Not at all. 
The purpose of your trip to China?
Business Pleasure Study Other
Do you need book hotels in other cities? If yes, please enter the city names.
Survey: Which seems to be more important when you choose a hotel in China? Cheap Price Downtown Location Comfortable Room Privacy No opinion
How did you find us?
Are you handicapped or do you need extra assistance? Please write here. The more detailed information you provide, the better we can assist you.

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We'll confirm your reservation within 24 hours.


Beijing Downtown Homelodge Apartment and Guest House, Beijing, China

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