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Why You Need a Professional Guide from Great Wall Adventure Club?



As you read on our Website, we guarantee to take you to those unrestored, unspoilt, off-the-beaten path sections of the Great Wall that are largely left alone from the swarms of tourists, giving you an intimate and memorable Great Wall experience.

Some of you have recently asked us why you can’t walk hike on the Great Wall by yourself without a guide. While we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm there are a couple of issues that you should consider:

The unrestored part of the Great Wall, known as “Wild Wall”, is dangerous in many parts. Hikers can get lost, injured, or even lose their lives if they try to climb some parts of the wall they are not familiar with. They can also be apprehended by local administrators if they violate rules they are not aware of. This is especially true when it comes to Gubeikou, as part of it lies within a restricted military base.

Some trekkers think they won’t be able to freely explore with a guide. In fact, our guides lead you to parts of the “wild” Great Wall where only a small number of western visitors have ever been before.

A few hikers believe they can save some money if they hike alone. In actuality, the guide fee makes up a minimal portion of your overall cost. The majority of your tour price comes from vehicle rental, fuel price, and the ridiculously expensive highway tolls that are not seen in the countries such as US and Canada.

The peril of hiking alone can best be illustrated when in early November of 2012 heavy snow fell in Badaling (the unrestored part of it). Three Japanese hiked in that part with a Chinese guide. When the group of hikers encountered extreme danger from the heavy snow, their guide was able to find a way to run down and get a rescue team to save the Japanese hikers. Unfortunately, two of the hikers lost their life.  Although only one of the Japanese hikers was saved, it proved the importance of having a guide to lead a Great Wall hike. In an emergency, their guide was the only hope that they could count on. The Japanese hikers didn't count on the snow being a big problem, as there were few signs that it would snow that day. But, they made the right decision to hire a professional guide who knew the way and was able to seek help.

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English-speaking tour guide for Great Wall hiking


If you currently don’t have travel insurance then you will be required to purchase our PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) travel and accidental insurance. The fee will be $7.99 per person, and will cover the duration of your hiking/camping/trekking in order to ensure that you are comprehensively protected if injured. For more information about our travel insurance policy please see our insurance page.





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