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HOT Chengde HOTELS for
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Photo: White House Chengde
USD 30

Photo: Chengde Hotel
USD 49



Chengde, Hebei Discount Hotels, Hostels

For those looking to get away from the heat of Beijing in the sweltering summer months, you may be advised to follow the lessons of history. It was the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 AD) emperors, starting with the revered Kangxi, that were to truly appreciate the cooling charms of the little village of Rehe or Jehol, that has since come to be known as Chengde. The Qing court were to live here between May and late October every year, until finally the warming comforts of the capital lured them back. Nowadays, Chengde not only still has these cool summers, it also retains the memories of this Qing invasion with some of the best Imperial Garden architecture in China.

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Chengde Jinjiang Wenguan Hotel USD34
  Chengde Lolo Grand Hotel USD39
  Mountain Villa Hotel USD32
  Qianyang Hotel USD41
  Hanming Hotel USD42
  Shenghua Hotel USD51
  Puning Temple Shangketang Hotel   USD41
  Chengde Hotel USD49
  Yunshan Hotel USD55
  White House Hotel USD30
  Chengde Plaza USD48


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