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China Discount Hotel Online Reservation and Search Request Form 
Our reservation specialists will assist you to find a great place to stay in China!

If you've already found a great hotel, please enter the hotel name. If you are seeking our help to find a good hotel, please also submit the form. Fields with a '*' must be filled in.  If you order hotels in Beijing, please go to this page to check hotel details and submit order online.

Need assistance? You also can write to or call Toll Free at 1-800-347-9981 (USA, Canada).

Your Name* First Name Last Name:
Your home phone (country code + number) or a local number if you are in China now.*    (country code) (phone number)
Your phone number will only be used for reservation.
Your primary Email address*
(Extremely important for confirmation):

You must enter a valid email address, or the form won't go. Please type in very carefully!
Your secondary Email address*:
If you need to book two different types of rooms in one hotel, you must enter a second email address.
What city and country are you coming from?  (city), (country)
What city and country are you leaving for?  (city), (country)
What is your nationality on your passport?
What city will you visit? such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, etc.
Name of Hotel 1 or "Search for Me":* such as Shanghai Hilton JinAn Hotel.
Enter "Search for Me" if you want us to search for a hotel for you.
Name of Hotel 2 or "Search for Me":* such as Shanghai Marriot Hotel.
Enter "Search for Me" if you want us to search for a hotel for you.
Have you ever lived in the above hotels before? Yes No
Room Type *
If you book two different rooms, please indicate in the "special request" area at the bottom.
Number of Adults *
Room Price Range (Your budget) US$ to US$ (Price in high season may be increased. Please tell your maximum budget for this hotel. If price differs significantly, we'll notify you before we book. Thank you!)
Check-in Date * / /   (mm/dd/yyyy)
Check-out Date * / /   (mm/dd/yyyy)
Check-in Time * e.g. 16:30 
Number of Rooms *  
How is your Chinese? Perfect I can speak well but can't read. I can read well but can't speak.
I can read and speak for a little  Not at all. I need translation always.
The purpose of your trip to China (so we can determine which hotel will best suit your budget and convenience)? Business Pleasure Study Other
Survey: Which seems to be more important when you choose a hotel in China? Cheap Price Downtown Location Comfortable Room Privacy No opinion
How did you find us?
Describe what kind of hotel you are looking for, and we'll do a search for you and make our recommendation. Please enter here. The more detailed information you provide, the better we can find a great hotel that match your needs.

We'll confirm your reservation within 24 hours.

What about + ?
Please consider our China sightseeing packages that include great accommodation and local tours.

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