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One-day Hike from
Jiankou to Mutianyu,
the Great Wall of China





1-day hiking (15 routes)


0A: Mutianyu
0B: Jinshanling self-guided
 1AA: Gubeikou-Jinshanling

1AB: Simatai West to Jinshanling
 1AT: Crouching Tigers Mountain
 1B: Jiankou-Mutianyu
 1S1: Jiankou-Mutianyu Sunset
 1S2: G
ubeikou to Jinshanling Sunset
1S3: Jishanling to West Simatai Sunset
 1S4: Imperial Great Wall Sunset
 1S5: Crouching Tigers Sunset
 1C: East Qing Tomb-Huanyaguan
1D: Lakeside Great Wall Hike

 1D1: Lakeside Hike & Bik
1D2: Lakeside Wall HikeRepair  
1E: Lianhuachi-Mutianyu
1X: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-West Simatai 16KM


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 6-day trekking (1 route)
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Jiankou to Mutianyu Hike on Google Earth. lick to enlarge



We Make Everyone's Great Wall Dream Hike Possible!


We treat every customer as a VIP by offering the following comprehensive services: 


* Personal transfers from and to your hotel in Beijing (Airport pickup and drop-off adds RMB100. Train station pickup adds RMB50, free drop-off)
* Entry fees to the Great Wall
* Quality vehicle with A/C, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide
* Water - your guide will buy for you
* Gourmet dinner in a local restaurant by the Wall
* Free membership card
* RMB50 credit for any of your Beijing city sightseeing bus tour

There are no unscheduled or  mandatory shopping stops at all.

Please send the below form to request you tour

There are no unscheduled or mandatory shopping stops.

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If you currently don’t have travel insurance then you will be required to purchase our PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) travel and accidental insurance.
The fee will be $7.99 per person, and will cover the duration of your hiking/camping/trekking in order to ensure that you are comprehensively protected if injured.

For more information about our travel insurance policy please see our insurance page.



Great Wall One-day Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu
(followed by gourmet lunch)

TOUR 1B: Jiankou to Mutianyu for ruggedness and wild beauty to breathtaking views


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The first step before anyone else in the world believes it is that you have to believe it. -Will smith



British Airways Great Wall


I want to thank you and your team for helping us completes our recent charity trek in China 2011. Your guides made all the difference and went out of their way to help us complete this challenge. We couldn't have done it without your help. You can be justly proud of the people that work in your organisation and on behalf of British Airways London Terminal 5 a big thank you!  I strongly recommend using Great Wall Adventure to any other organization and I will be honored promoting this company for further treks in China.


-- Ray Mausolle, Health & Safety Co-ordinator, British Airways, Terminal 5, Wellington Road Hounslow, London

Photo: British Airways 2011 Charity Excursion at Jiankou and Mutianyu




*This is a great hiking trip that is fun for the whole family! It includes both unrestored and rugged “Wild Wall” along with tastefully restored wall, making it a perfect hike for comparison and understanding more about the true Great Wall. This tour is an amateur photographer’s dream. Maybe you can sell the pictures from your trip to National Geographic! Here is Jiankou!


You'll have a unique opportunity to visit a local farmer's house at the foot of Great Wall. You'll be shocked to how those farmers are still living in poverty despite China's fast economic growth. These farmers are the lost children of China's development. 


Please note while this hike is not overly difficult, there are some points where the hike gets a little challenging. The challenges mostly include narrow and small steps, along with at times some very steep climbing. For those of you who have knee or lower leg problems, you might want to consider the leisurely and first-time hiker level. If you are under the age of 8 or over the age of 70, you should also strongly consider the leisurely and first-time hiker level.  


While other companies bus you from section to section, Great Wall Adventure Club lets you personally experience the majesty of the Great Wall by allowing you to physically pass from one section to the next. In contrast to driving across, this lets you see the differences between the restored, maintained, section on one side and the radically different "wild wall" on the other.


Here is how one hiker described her Jiankou-Mutianyu trek after completing it:


“Seeing the wall in both unrestored and restored state is an absolute must. We finished the hike off with the toboggan ride back down and then finished the day with a lovely late lunch in a nearby restaurant. A once in a lifetime experience not to be missed at great value for money.”



Detailed Jiankou-Mutianyu Hiking Itinerary  (10 kms/7 miles on the mountain, 3 - 4 hours of hiking)



The day usually begins at 8:00 AM in winter and 7:30 AM in summer. Your guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel. We will drive by a private car or minivan to the Jiankou section of the Great Wall and start hiking to Mutianyu.


The Great Wall at Jiankou is located in the district of Huairou, about 80km/50miles northeast of Beijing. Jiankou Great Wall was an important section of the wall in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Owing to the need for renovation, the wall is regarded as one of the most dangerous sections of the Ming’s wall. For your safety, we are taking the path that is not dangerous but still breath-taking.


Before climbing the mountain, we'll first take a brief visit to a local village called Xizaizi at the bottom of Jiankou Great Wall. We'll have the unique opportunity to see this typical village where Chinese farmers have been living for hundreds of years, using the same farming methods and inhabiting the same traditions and folk customs that have been passed down for generations upon generations. They still keep what they've been using for farming and living. You can visit their house and yards and you can chat and take photos with them. As you know, 80% of the Chinese living in this land are from the countryside and a large percentage of the population is still living in poverty. "EUROPEAN cities with an African countryside" is how a report published in China this month describes the gap between booming Beijing and the nearby "belt of poverty" in Hebei Province around them - Most Great Wall sections are located in Hebei province.

After saying "Good-bye!" to the village grandma, we'll start our hike just from the entry path opposite to the village. In order to hike on Jiankou, first we have to climb up this path for about 40-60 minutes to reach it. The terrain is steep but it is safe, especially with a guide to look after you.

Our hike today will take about 4 hours and will cover 10km/ 6 miles. The Jiankou section is known for its ruggedness and wild beauty, and you will be in awe of the marvelous views it affords. As soon as we reach Jiankou we will see a deserted watchtower that gives you a panoramic view of the entire valley.


In the early morning the view is priceless with its morning fog. This section of the wall is not well known by tourists, although if you see a picture of the Great Wall from exotic traveling magazines, chances are it is from Jiankou. This is the pinnacle of exotic Great Wall scenery.


Here is how one of our clients described their hike on Jiankou:

“By the time we reached the top, it was all worth it though. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The wall stretched and meandered for what seemed like an eternity. It snaked up and down rocky mountain peaks and disappeared into the mist. It was magical. There wasn't another human in sight. After climbing to the top of the wall we began our hike, stopping along the way for dozens of photos. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever done. It wasn't easy - many long sets of steep steps and sharp inclines all along the wall - but it was remarkable. Trees were growing up through the middle of the wall. Entire sections were crumbling down. We took great care to not disturb any part of the wall or the plants and trees that grew.” 


We'll start from Zhengbeilou (see photo above) where is the best place to take photos. This part of the wall is often empty, so you will have some peace and serenity on your hike today. Another highlight of Jiankou is the enemy observation tower known as, "Ying Fei Dao Yang", so named because this watchtower was erected on the highest peak in the area, and eagles and hawks often perch on it. Although the majestic wall is slowly being conquered by small trees and brambles, but the view from the top is still stunning! However, it is pretty far from Zhengbeilou to see "Ying Fei Dao Yang" clearly.


From Jiankou we will cross over onto  Mutianyu, a section of the wall that has been largely restored. Although it has gotten a face-lift, it avoids the army of tourists that plague Badaling. Mutianyu offers some breathtaking views of the valley and wall below, and if you look to your right you’ll see a large sign engraved in the side of the mountain encouraging you to “Cherish the teachings of Chairman Mao”. Mutianyu has also become popular for visiting foreign leaders and celebrities (former U.S. President Clinton and UK Prime Minister John Major visited Mutianyu on one of their trips to China).


You can hike down to the parking lot, take a cable car, or take a toboggan ride (highly recommended, and lots of fun!) down to meet our driver. We will then drive back to Beijing and drop you off at your hotel. This trip can be taken at any point in the year. Even in winter the snow-covered wall makes for perfect scenery.


It takes about 2 hours to drive back to Beijing from Mutianyu. Before that, we'll stop by a Chinese restaurant to treat you a lunch with traditional stir fries and rice. If you are vegetarian, there is no problem. We'll order special dishes for you.


Finally, your guide will you send you back to your hotel by 5 pm or earlier depending on the traffic.  


While this hike will be a bit long, it will easily be the highlight of your time in China. Because everyone one of us have different abilities and limits when it comes to hiking, our well-trained tour guides will make sure you get the most out of your Great Wall experience by accompanying you throughout the journey.


Mutianyu Toboggan (German technology) - U.S. First Lady visited Mutianyu in April, 2014
Optional Toboggan Run at Mutianyu
(extra for just RMB50 or $9, same as cable car/chair lift)

"You'll surely be intrigued about taking the toboggan down from Great Wall to the entrance gate down the hill. You can ride as fast or as slow as you want. However, it is also a driving test. One person to a toboggan, you have a little handle with which you press down to go faster and pull up to stop. But if you are not intentionally pushing it, it will slow down anyway. "It is funny when we Westerners are on there, because we like to go a bit quicker than the Chinese (ride a lot quicker) and you hear the shrill voices of locals shouting "brake! brake! Slow down!" It is hilarious. Go on it even if it is just to hear that." --taylorstonebridge on LonelyPlanet


People at age 70 have managed the riding successfully. Can you?

Stuff to bring on your hike:

* Tough hiking boots, sunscreen, flashlight, hat and sunglasses
* Backpack, and snacks or energy/protein supplements you want to have before lunch
* Extra cash for drive/guide tips along with money for either cable car or toboggan ride
* Don’t forget your camera!


The Cost of A Private Tour Includes:

The price includes entrance fees to all the three parts of the Wall, the car and the guide fee.  It does not include snacks, personal items, cable car (gondola) or other extra cost for unforeseen event. We use our best vehicle for such a private excursion.


Check testimonials from former hikers and view their photos.




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