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Luoyang Tour of Cockscomb Limestone Cave (Jiguan Cave)

      Cockscomb Limestone Cave (Jiguan Cave) in Luoyang City was formed 600,000,000 years ago and is a natural cave of limestone with a high value for archeology, scientific research and tourism. Since 1993, it was successively appraised as one of the 'Top Ten Scenic Spots in Henan Province', 'Top Ten Scenic Spots in Luoyang City', 'National 4A Grade Scenic Spots' and 'National Civilized Places of Interest'.

      The climate is pleasant in this area with a constant temperature of 18C (64F) all the year round. Thus, it is warm in winter and especially cool in summer, hence the name 'Natural Air-conditioner'. The Cockscomb Limestone Cave is entitled 'the Number One Cave in Northland of China'.

     Cockscomb Limestone Cave was discovered during the reign of Qianlong Emperor (1736-1796) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was said that there were bats inside the cave and it seemed unanticipatedly deep and remote. Thus, it was veiled by a mysterious mask and people refrained from entering it. Now, it has finally been opened to the public, attracting guests from all over the world.

     The Cave is 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) long and the area for sight-seeing is about 23,000 square meters (about 5.7 acres). It is divided into 8 sections respectively named Yuzhu Pond (jade column pond), Yicai Palace (multiple-colored palace), Diewei Palace (folded limestone palace), Shilin Lane (stone forest lane), Cangxiu Pavilion (hidden beauty pavilion), Dongtian River (the river winding up to the sky), Yaochi Palace (heavenly-pool palace) and Juxian Palace (faerie-gathering palace). The limestone shapes in the cave include stalactites, stalagmites, steles, limestone curtains, limestone waterfalls, limestone flowers, limestone shields, limestone music instruments, and limestone lotus ponds.

     Inside the cave, we can see the paths wind through high peaks, and the overall arrangement of the scenic spots is spacious and irregular. The stalactites are of different countenances and different gestures. You will find 'The Heavenly Dog Watching the Moon', 'The Divine Tortoise Ferrying the Celestial Old Man', 'The Dragon Enwinding the Jade Column' and others totaling 88 scenic spots of different structures.

     Let's return to the three scenic spots mentioned above. The most impressive one is 'The Heavenly Dog Watching the Moon', which is a limestone resembling a dog sitting on the edge of the cliff with a silver chaplet on its neck and is looking up to the limestone of moon shape above. It looks as if the dog is watching Chang'e (goddess in the moon) playing with her jade rabbit. What a beautiful story! Next let's come to 'The Divine Tortoise Ferrying a Celestial Old Man', which describes a big tortoise composed of three limestone bricks ferrying a Celestial Old Man composed of a root of stalagmite who is fishing leisurely on the tortoise's back.. It is impossible not to appreciate this wonderful artwork made by the nature. The third one is called 'The Dragon Enwinding the Jade Column', which is the highest and thickest stele in the Cockscomb Limestone Cave. Known as 'the Number One Stele in China', it wanders all along to the top layer of the cave. There are veins of squama glittering on the stele like a huge dragon enwinding on it, earning it its present name.

     Some people say that the whole cave looks like a 'Dragon Palace under the Sea' and it is really worthy for you to pay a visit there. Come to the Cockscomb Limestone Cave and you will find yourself in a beautiful and gentle space of fairy tales!

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