Shanghai World Expo 2010
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This is Shanghai!

What kind of city is this, and why can this city rise so rapidly in the process of modernization!

This is Shanghai, the mystery of Shanghai, but also a metropolis worthy of your time to taste!

We take you to see a unique Shanghai, a tour that is definitely worthy of your recollection.

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Shanghai City Tours including Shanghai Hotels and Airport/Train Station Transfers

Thousands of Shanghai, from independence to shining light


Some people say, "Two thousand years of history see Xi'an, one thousand years of history see Beijing, and 100 years of history see Shanghai." From the opening of Shanghai in 1843 to the 1930s, Shanghai grew into the largest city in the Far East. After experiencing the discontinuity of New China, Shanghai has once again become the central city of East Asia. The culture reflects the city's heritage, and the Shanghai style culture is the source of life for Shanghai, the magic capital. Sophistication and tolerance are the essence of Shanghai culture. Because of its exquisiteness and charm, the Shanghai style culture attracts proud people at home and abroad; because of its tolerance, it has become more exquisite because of its tolerance.

China has always been an independent continental country. The cold climate of the Himalayas and Siberia, as well as the vast ocean, make this continent relatively independent. When the era of great navigation and industrial civilization arrive, opening the door to the world is the general trend. And Shanghai, located in the center of China, is unique. Although a few hundred years ago, it was just a sandbar accumulated at the mouth of the Yangtze River. It was a small fishing village with only seven or eight streets and less than a hundred residents. The villagers use fishing as their business. Every family has fishing nets. There are dozens of small boats on the side of the river, and a group of ducks floats on the water. Nowadays, there are many tall buildings and drunken fans, attracting elites, talents and beautiful people from all over the world. Shanghai is like a big funnel, and all the beautiful and smart people are left behind.

Photo: Great Wall Adventure Club group visited Shanghai's famous attraction - The Bund during the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Shanghai City Tour Packages

Wall Street Journal Shanghai Expo Our Shanghai tours came recommended by The Wall Street Journal (March, 18, 2010) in the article about Shanghai World Expo ("Shanghai Aims to Attract the World "). "For those booking their own flights, a package from Great Wall Adventures includes hotels, airport transfers, Expo tickets, guide and private car and driver ..." The newspaper also interviewed the Great Wall Adventure Club as trusted source when it comes to expo news and information.


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9 Hands-on Shanghai Local Tour Packages

Shanghai is a prosperous and magnificent metropolis, not only majestic in the morning, but also unique in the night scene. There are many interesting and petty bourgeois places in Shanghai, such as the Wax Museum and Tianzifang. At the same time, Shanghai also has the scenery of the Jiangnan Water Village-Zhujiajiao.

Please visit our Shanghai local tour packages page to learn the details.

China Package Tours That Includes Shanghai

Thinking about Shanghai + Beijing, Shanghai + Xian + Beijing, Shanghai Expo + Yangtze River Cruise, or Shanghai + Guilin + Zhangjiajie Avatar Mountain? Please click to visit our "Shanghai + China package" page.

Please keep in mind that we can help you with your tours not only in Shanghai but also in Beijing and every other place in China. Unlike many small Chinese tour agencies, we have co-branches in all major cities and tourist resorts and thus we can handle your Expo tour better.  


Shanghai Tour Services

Plan your tour and sightseeing with Great Wall Adventure Club, the most experienced China tour agent who was heavily involved in the Beijing Olympics reception and hospitality service. The Great Wall Adventure Club is happy to book Shanghai hotels, find cheap international airfare to Shanghai and for China domestic flights, and prepare tours for our members. Our experience found our guests' earlier planning can help avoid problems with Chinese visa application, higher hotel price and airfare. So, plan now if you decide to go. 


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