Shanghai World Expo 2010
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2010 Shanghai World Expo
and Shanghai

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Shanghai World Expo Emblem, Expo Site Location
and Shanghai City Planning

Better City Better Life


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     This emblem looks like a character “shi” (“” in Chinese). There are three persons embracing together i.e. you, him and I, symbolizing a happy family living and playing together hand in hand. This symbol not only expresses the Expo concept of understanding, communicating, gathering and cooperating, but also embodies the people-oriented pursuit of Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Expo- An Opportunity for Mutual Development

     World Expo 2010 Shanghai is an excellent stage for China to demonstrate its social and economic achievements. To some extent, an Expo can stimulate the economic and social development of the host city and host county, bring its advantages into full play and further its opening-up policy. This Expo will last six months (184 days). It is predicted that nearly 200 states and international organizations will attend this grand fair; and it is anticipated to attract 70 million visitors of different status and levels from home and abroad. The radiation effect of the Shanghai Expo will not only promote the development in economy, tourism, culture and other fields in the Yangtze River Delta, but make its own contributions to the economic development of China as a whole.

     Taking this opportunity, Shanghai will closely communicate and further its cooperation with other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to realize the objective of talented personnel exchange, resource sharing and advantage complement, thus achieving a win-win effect.

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Shanghai World Expo Site

     The site of the Expo 2010 Shanghai will be on the waterfront area between Lupu and Nanpu bridges and stretches along the banks of the Huangpu River. The planned exhibition area of the World Expo will cover a total land area of 5.28 square kilometers, of which 3.93 square kilometers to the west of Huangpu River. The core area (into which admission ticket is required) is 3.28 square kilometers.

Planning Concept

     Shanghai World Expo has put forward “harmony” as an urban development concept , it means the harmony between man and nature, harmony between past, present and future, and harmony between human individuals. The site planning of the World Expo will create an example of “City of Harmony”.

     Harmony between man and nature: The two parts of the Expo 2010 site, located on the two sides of the Huangpu River, are united by the waterfront green space, which is a key aspect of the master plan. Together with the green belts and green wedges found amongst the buildings, they underpin an important aspect of the theme, i.e. the harmonious co-existence of man and nature.

     Harmony between past and future: The historic and other industrial architectures within the site of the World Expo will be well-protected and made full use of during and after the Expo. This action sends a strong message—respect for human history and cultural heritage, which constitute an indispensable element for building a better future for urban living.

      Harmony between human individuals: In the pursuit of the harmony between human individuals, Shanghai World Expo will establish a concrete and virtual platform to promote the interaction and communication between individuals and groups by way of various celebrations, utilizing the latest communication technology.

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