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Luoyang Tour of Baiyunshan National Forest Park

     The Baiyunshan National Forest Park was established in September, 1992. Located in southern Song County, Luoyang, the hinterland of the Funiu Mountain Ridge, the park occupies a total area of 168 sq kilometers (64.9 sq miles). It invites visitors to refresh themselves in its natural beauty.

Primitive Forest:

     With 98.5 percent of its area in forest, this park is in the transition area between warm-temperate zone and subtropical zone. The vegetation of both northern and southern China coexists in it. Within the forest park, there are 204 types of animals, 1991 types of plants, and 3,000 types of insects. For instance, there is ancient and rare foliage: cercidiphyllum and the alpine rhododendron, as well as some precious animals: giant salamander, leopard and golden eagle. This is an excellent place to appreciate the primitive beauty of nature. The Water-curtain Cave, the Folded (Zhedie) Waterfall and the Fairy Pool are located here. The landscape is beautiful beyond description.

Baiyunshan Peak:

     At 2,150 meters (7,054 feet) above the sea level, Baiyunshan (White Cloud) Peak is one of the main peaks of the Funiu Mountain Ridge. The clouds crowd around it perennially making it like a fairyland on earth. There are folk ballads and proverbs saying that the peak can indicate weather changes by the position of the clouds around the peak. Dazzling and fascinating, the peak is a perfect location for mountain climbers to seek novelty.

Yuhuangding Peak:

     This is the highest peak of the Funiushan Mountain Ridge and considered to be the highest point of Central China with an altitude of 2,216 meters (7,270 feet). In shape of a crown, the peak seems to thrust into the heavens. From the summit, visitors can get a superb panorama of the vertical distribution of the vegetation and watch bewitching sunrises and the cloud sea.

Little Huangshan Mountain:

     Little Huangshan Mountain is so named because it brings to mind the famous Mt. Huangshan in Anhui Province, which is famous for its strange rocks. The beauty and strangeness of Little Huangshan Mountain is charming. Various rock formations have been given fancy names such as An Immortal Gazing at the Sea, Couple Stones and Birds' Nest Stone.

Jiulong Waterfall Scenic Area:

     These waterfalls are formed by the Baihe River which originates on Yuhuangding Peak. With a ceaseless, abundant water supply, it dashes downwards and scours out scattered waterfalls and deep pools. The Jiulong waterfall, Qinglong Waterfall, and the Heilong Pool are some of the appealing sights in this area. In addition, there is an 814-foot-high bungee here which is considered to be the highest bungee in Asia and offers visitors a good chance to challenge their nerve.

     The average temperature of the park in summer is less than 18 degrees centigrade (64.4F), while the highest is less than 26 degrees centigrade (78.8F). It is a magnificent summer resort, but blooming flowers in spring, clear waters and seas of cloud in summer, crimson leaves in autumn and majestic white-clad mountains in winter make the Baiyunshan National Forest Park an all-year-round Chinese resort. 

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