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Hong Kong Tour of Culture and History
Victoria Peak

     If Hong Kong is a city of jade during the day, it becomes a luminous pearl with a sea of lights twinkling in the streets after dark. Where is the best place to enjoy the multi-colorful night scene that encompasses Hong Kong and Victoria Harbor? Victoria Peak is a good location to view its night scene. Being 554 meters (about 1,817.6 feet) above sea level, Victoria Peak is the highest point within Hong Kong and occupies the western part of the island.
     How to reach Victoria Peak?
     Tourists can take the Peak Tram, a pleasant ride ascending the mountain. The tram has been in operation for over one hundred years, and to date, no accidents have ever occurred. Your journey aboard the tram will take eight minutes and upon reaching the summit you will see a seven storied building in the shape of a ship. This is the Peak Tower in which there are several attractions namely, Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium, and the Peak Explorer Motion Simulator.
     If you want to take a photo with your favorite movie or sport stars, then please visit Madame Tusseauds Hong Kong. This museum exhibits over 100 waxworks of celebrities from all works of life from the middle ages to the present day, including President Hu Jintao. On the second and the third floors of the Peak Tower is a museum called Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odditorium. From its name, tourists may image how bizarre the more than 450 exhibits collected from all over the world are. On the fourth floor is the Peak Explorer Motion Simulator. It is very welcoming to all visitors and equipped with high-tech projectors, sound system and motion chairs. Sitting on the chair and looking at the images on screen, it appears that you are actually there and witnessing what happens around you. Here you will enjoy an exciting journey.
     Viewing Hong Kong at night is a must! The panoramic vista is one of the most beautiful night scenes in the world so a visit to the Lion Pavilion on the peak is a must. Standing upon the pavilion and overlooking the Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon Peninsula, a spectacular night view will unfold in front of your eyes. The Victoria Harbor is one of the world's busiest harbors and has a constant ebb and flow of shipping all year round. With row upon row of skyscrapers stand prominently on the Central District which is Hong Kong's financial and economic hub. The most spectacular are the Bank of China Tower and the Central Plaza. The Bank of China Tower, with 72 stories soars skyward and is designed by an American-born Chinese architect Bei Yuming (Ieoh Ming Pei); with the bamboo-shaped outlook of the tower symbolizing that the Bank of China aspires to get better and better. The Central Plaza is a reinforced concrete building with 78 stories.
     The whole city is swathed by glittering neon lights along the banks of Victoria Harbor. Another way to experience Hong Kong's night views is from Peak Garden. You can walk among fragrant flowers, butterflies and birds while enjoying the spectacular vista.
No matter when you come to the Victoria Peak, it will always give you a beautiful view of Hong Kong.

     Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden:
Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is located on the northern hillside of Victoria Peak. It has a gross area of about five to six hectares (12 to 15 acres). Enclosed by Garden Road, Robinson Road, Glenealy and Upper Albert Road, the garden is divided into two parts by Albany Road. Two parts are connected by the Pedestrian Tunnel. The eastern part is the old garden, including the Children's Pleasure Ground, Aviary, Jaguar Cage, the Greenhouse and the Fountain Terrace Garden. And the western part is the new garden, used for feeding mammals and reptiles.
     At present, the garden provides about 40 caged areas for animals. There are about 500 birds, 70 mammals and 70 reptiles. There you will see lovely primates, such as Bornean orangutan, Chinese porcupine, golden lion tamarin and lesser mouse deer. Also you can find various birds, including American flamingo, Bali mynah and Red-crowned crane. The reptiles, such as Burmese python, Greek tortoise, and Chinese alligator, live there as well.
     Additionally, there are 1,000 plants there. Most of them grow in tropical and subtropical zones. At the Fountain Terrace Garden, you will always see colorful blooms. In the Greenhouse, more than 150 native and exotic plants can be found, including orchids, ferns, bromeliads, climbing vines, and so on.

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