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Qingdao Tour of No.1 Bathing Beach

     Reputed to be the largest sandy beach in Asia, also called Huiquan Bathing Beach, this beach is noted for its clear water, mild waves and soft sand. The beautiful scenery with its European ambience can compete with Hawaii, Bali or Samet Island in Thailand.

     The beach was first built in 1901 by the Germans after they invaded Qingdao. At that time, it was a famous entertainment place in East Asia but it was only open to foreigners. In 1984 and 2003, the local government repaired and expanded the place on a large scale. The beach took on a new look: it was enlarged and more public service facilities were constructed.

     At present, the beach covers an area of 3.6 hectares (8.9 acres) and is well equipped. Colorful chalets built in various shapes lead visitors into a fairytale world. More than 900 showers are provided. Restaurants, ballrooms, bars, cafes and temporary chalets are all available. Emergency life-saving equipment has been improved. A security monitoring system covers the whole beach. Combined with the broadcasting, lighting and background music systems it ensures the security of visitors.

     Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the beach is like the pearl of Huiquan Bay. The gentle slope and mild waves make the place a comfortable play area. Visitors can sunbathe here and swim near the coast, relaxing by playing volleyball or running on the sand and even dining on the beach. The region's comfortable weather makes it a good choice to avoid the summer heat. Even in winter this place is crowded with keen swimmers.

     The bathing beach is divided into a swimming zone and non-swimming zone. July, August and September is the best time to visit. The neighboring spots include Huiquan Square, the Naval Museum and Lu Xun Park.

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