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Sanya Hotels

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 Holiday Inn Sanya inside
Yalong Bay National Resort District.

 Haitian Hotel Sanya

 Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort

 Gloria Resort Hotel Sanya

Sanya Resort Spa Marriott

Sanya, Hainan Island Discount Hotels, Hostels

Sanya is a busy sea port and tourist resort on the southern tip of Hainan Island. The city lies on a peninsula parallel to the coast and is linked to the mainland on one side by two bridges. Sanya is also home to China's southern most attraction - Tian Ya Hai Jiao, ( edge of sky and the rim of sea), abouth 24 km west of the city. The site composes a group of huge rocks standing on the sandy beach by the South China Sea. In the center is a giant 10-meter-high rock with a circumference of 60 meters. Carved on the rock are two Chinese characters 'Tian Ya' (edge of sky) on its front side and 'Hai Jiao' (rim of sea) on the back. Facing the open sea, these rocks mark the southern tip of Hainan Island and form a spectacular view.

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  Tianhong Resort Sanya USD65
  Resort In Time Sanya USD53
  Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort USD58
  Holiday Inn Sanya USD70
  International Asia Pacific Convention Center USD43
  Haitian Hotel Sanya USD31
  Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort USD106
  Resort Horizon Hotel USD73
  Sheraton Sanya USD113
  Palm Beach Resort Sanya USD46
  Universal Resort (view video) USD55
  Golden Palm Resort USD54
  Sanya Resort Spa Marriott USD108
  Harvest Qilin Hotel USD26
  Golden Phoenix Sea View Hotel USD35
  Landscape Beach Hotel USD41
  Tianze Beach Resort USD29
  Spring Resort Sanya USD43
  Huayuan Resort Sanya USD33
  Sanya Holiday Resort USD19
  Hainan Huandao Beach Hotel USD34
  Yuhuayuan Seaview Hotel USD33
  Maintint Hotel USD25
  South China Hotel USD33
  Zhong Ya Hotel USD24
  Guoxi Hotel USD34
  Romantic Sea View Hotel USD27
  Jinling Resort USD25
  Gloria Resort Hotel Sanya USD73
  Mountain-sea-sky Hotel Sanya USD51
  Orient Bayview Hotel Sanya USD26
  Linda Seaview Hotel USD34
  Golden avenve hotel USD18
  Guesthouse International Hotel USD30
  Treasure Island Hotel USD33
  Zhiyuan Holiday Hotel USD20

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