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China Flight and Ticket Booking Information

  • How to buy Airline tickets?

    Most of us look online for our airline ticket no matter where we go, but here is a piece of China Domestic Flight Information you want to know.
    - You can buy tickets online, but you want to make sure you do it at a domestic Chinese website or trust someone to do that. Most international websites offer very expensive prices compared to the ones you can get locally. Also in China, things a different when it comes to buying.
    - Most people buy by one way tickets! It is also common to see last minute deals.
    - Don't expect to get a super deal because you are buying early, some airlines cannot even tell you the price unless it is within 3 weeks of the departure time!

  • Information on Check-in to Arrival

    - Allow ample time for check-in and boarding as the wait could become very lengthy.
    - Make sure you have your necessary documents in order to board (i.e. Passport, ID, boarding pass unless you have e-ticket)
    - Go through security and make sure you have packed according to the CAAC security protocols.
    - When flying in China, or out of China, you are no longer allowed to carry any lighters or matches as it is now a dangerous material according to the CAAC

  • Special Destination

    - Some destinations may require more than a passport to enter. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Tibet are some examples.
    - To go to Tibet, you will have to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit in order to enter.
    - Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau, depending on your origin on the passport, may also require travel visa prior to entering the region.

  • Domestic Flight Information

    - Many of the destination within China can be accessed within a 2 hour flight. Plus the price of an airline ticket can be as cheap as $50 one way!!

    We recommend a multi City visit when you are traveling in China. Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an is what we think is a must-stop
         - All these cities are roughly two hours apart on a flight
         - They are the major Historical site of China
         - There are so much to see!!
  • Great Wall Tour Beijing Tour Terra Cotta Warriors and  Xi'an Tour Shanghai Tour Tibet and Lhasa Tour

  • Other Regulations from the Civil Aviation Administration of China:

    For the purpose of aviation safety and security, and in accordance with the standards of International Civil Aviation Organization, CAAC has imposed following restrictions on carrying liquids on airplane in China.

        1. Passengers who are taking domestic flights, is permitted to carry liquids (excluding alcohol) that do not exceed 1 Liter, any excess liquids must be checked in. Liquids that are permitted to carry must be opened for inspection.
        2. Passengers who are taking international or regional flights that departing from China are permitted to carry liquids that its volume does not exceed 100 ml.
        All the containers that contain liquids should be put in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag that its maximum volume does not exceed 1 Liter. Each individual passenger is allowed to carry only one transparent plastic bag, any excesses must be checked in.
        All transparent plastic bags that contain liquids should be gone through security inspection separately.
        Passengers who are taking international or regional flights and need to transit in foreign airports should retain the receipts for liquids that purchased in duty-free shop or in flight for inspection. Purchased item should be contained in a sealed transparent plastic bag, and is not allowed to be open. Where there are regulations provided by other foreign airports on carrying duty-free liquids, such regulations shall prevail.
        This article is also applied to liquids that carried by any passenger who come from foreign countries and need to transit to international or regional flight in China. The duty-free liquids that carried by passengers should be contained in a sealed transparent plastic bag without any damages, and presenting relevant receipt.
        3. On domestic flights, alcoholic item is not allowed to be carried as hand luggage, but to be checked in as checked luggage. Packaging of alcoholic item should be in accordance with relevant civil aviation transportation regulations.
        4. Passengers who have accompanied babies and are suffering from diabetes or other diseases are permitted to carry dairy liquids or necessary amount of liquid medicine, after security inspection.
        5. Any consequences, such as missing the flight caused by passengers who disobey above regulations are at their own risk.
        These restrictions shall be applied from 1st May 2007, and the Bulletin regarding to enhanced management to liquid that carried by passengers taking civil aviation airplane by CAAC published on 5th February 2003 shall be abolished on the same date. 

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