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What makes us from our competitors

Great Wall Adventure Club   Other Companies
Founded in 2003   Mostly founded within the last five years.
International company based in USA and China   Many are "one-man brands" founded by a retired tour guide or two
Over 22,570 satisfied customers   No data
Official host of US. Softball, British canoeing, Canadian Field & Track teams for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.   They had not even been born by 2008.
Prompt response to your inquiry or booking   Slow response by tardy customer service based in China
Honest reviews from our customers of their true experiences   Many suspicious good reviews got published with deals with some contributors
Adventure planner and advisors
who have handful experience of trekking the Great Wall
  White-collar customer service reps who have only read about "Great Wall" from the Web or books without first-hand experience
Adventure advisors who communicate with you with perfect English   Poor customer service with poor English in speaking and writing
Adventure advisor discuss with you in our Beijing head office   Some "experts" sell your adventure from a small city far away from Beijing
Use licensed travel vehicles with professional drivers   Use unlicensed travel vehicles to cut the cost
Guaranteed camping in ancient watchtowers with government permissions.   Not guaranteed. They may take you to camp illegally and without any permission, or far from the Wall.
Official partner of Great Wall Jinshanling Administration Office   No government support or endorsement


The Great Wall, Our Way


A two-day hike along a remote stretch of China? Great Wall affords endless views without the distraction of crowds.


USA TODAY Travel uses Great Wall Adventure Club as one of the major sources to recommend travel operators for Great Wall 1-day and 2-day adventures and offer Great Wall walking tips in the article "Travel Guide for the Great Wall at Mutianyu in China" and "Walking the Great Wall of China."

Wall Street Journal Shanghai Expo


Just as with the Olympics two years ago, once again China found itself on the world stage, this time with the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The expo was the biggest in the expo’s 150 plus years of history in terms of expected visitors, and countries participating. We were one of the first travel companies to offer comprehensive tour packages to the expo, and are business was so esteemed that we got a write up in the prestigious The Wall Street Journal. Now that the expo has come and gone, we find ourselves still striving to be the best travel organization, as we continue to look for and develop new and exciting travel programs across this wondrous and still mysterious land.

The outdoorsman: Stay overnight on the Great Wall of China

When people come to the Great Wall of China, they want to explore the history and see why it was built. A day trip to the tourist sites won’t achieve that, but a sleepover on one of the world’s most storied ruins certainly will. The
Great Wall Adventure Club organizes trips to sleep in a watchtower where soldiers were formerly garrisoned. When night falls, the only thing above is the stars, while the incredible land of the surrounding hills is absolutely silent ... (June 11, 2021)

The KPAM radio interview was done by our spokesman Mr. Cohen with Portland, Oregon AM 860's "The Azumano Travel Show" to promote and discuss what makes the Great Wall so appealing and iconic to travelers from all over the world. The interview covers why the "wild" Great Wall is a better experience then one of the restored sections, where you can find the underwater Great Wall, the Great Wall's founding history and its strategic purpose, and the Great Wall's future. Download the MP3 of this interview here.


     When it comes to considering your Great Wall tour and China tour provider, here are some other factors to consider: We have the most efficient communication channel available to Chinese travel industries. While most Chinese agents take off weekends and nights, we don’t. We understand our customers can't afford waiting for more than 15 hours or even 72 hours to hear back from us. And when a client books a tour, it usually involves frequent contacts. Only Great Wall Adventure Club can respond to clients within one hour or almost instantly. GWAC’s office works according to a Western schedule. In turn, most "companies" that you will find on Google who provide similar services, are often a one-person business, not an organization. As a result, they usually don't have qualified tour guides able to lead their programs.


    These and other tour companies also enjoy the benefit of having a great search-engine ranking when you look for Great Wall hiking, etc. However, these companies mostly do a great deal of city tours, and do not put much emphasis on Great Wall adventures. They are not the Great Wall experts you think they are. Finally, we understand the needs and expectations that a Western visitor looks for. We focus on service and experience while most Chinese agents focus solely on profits. On our Great Wall adventures and programs we do not take people to shops or factory stores, saving you precious time on your once-in-a-lifetime China visit.


    Even though China has changed a lot over the past 25 years, one thing remains the same. We have, and always will, guarantee our firmest commitment to quality, excellence, and top-flight service in order to ensure that your stay in the People’s Republic is the best experience it can possibly be.



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