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New Logo for the Great Wall Adventure Club

In March of 2012 Great Wall Adventure Club unveiled a new worldwide logo. Here is how Gina Overstreet, designer of the new logo, describes it:

“This shoe-print icon mark speaks to the trekker/hiker personalities that love to really experience the world. As you can see elements of the Great Wall and Chinese touches in the soles of the feet, it speaks to their sense of adventure and love for the outdoors, and gives a feeling of becoming part of nature and history. It has a modern feel made from shapes that hint to historic China.”


As Great Wall Adventure Club continues to turn itself into one of China’s leading providers of adventure and trekking tours, we thought it only natural that a new symbol reflect our dedication and commitment to international visitors who also feel that urge for excitement and adventure. While our old logo reflected the fact that we specialized in Great Wall hiking, we felt that it didn’t do us justice in showing what we can truly do. While Great Wall hiking is where we got our start, we are now able to take you anywhere in the “middle kingdom”. Cruising down the Yellow River, camel riding along the legendary Silk Road, camping in one of China’s magnificent natural parks; we have the ability to bring you the wonder and mystery of this amazing country, and we feel this is reflected nicely in our new company logo.

Our new logo also speaks to the fact of our love for the outdoors and nature. We love having the ability to take you on an invigorating hike or expedition, knowing the health and mental benefits it can bring. But it also supports our efforts to give back to our greatest natural resource, the environment. We have various efforts underway seeing to it that the areas we come across are in better condition when we leave than when we found it. For example, we are proud to be a part of a Great Wall preservation campaign that works with local communities along the wall. This endeavor is one of the ways that we are trying to make tourism in China a sustainable and healthy product for all. We also try to utilize local business whenever possible, thereby giving opportunity and enriching lives while you have the time of your life.

The new logo also hearkens back to the days of ancient China, when this land was the most advanced society the world had seen. Through our educational and cultural programs we hope to shed some light on this deep and rich heritage with our worldwide clients, who hopefully will pass it along to their friends and family. Caligraphy, martial arts, Chinese cuisine, traditional medicine, the teachings of Confucius, and of course, the Chinese language are some of the courses designed to give you a taste of this incredible legacy. If you want to learn more about our educational and cultural programs you can visit our sister site at

We believe that our diverse and challenging programs give you an authentic feel for what this country is truly like. Complex, mystifying, but never boring, China is a living and breathing patchwork of traditions, customs and cultures that is unlike anyplace else in the world. We believe our new logo represents our core values and principles, and if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit this incredible country we hope you will let us be your guide.

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