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Great Wall Hiking to Lianhuachi



>> 1-day hiking (15 routes)
0A: Mutianyu
0B: Jinshanling self-guided
1AA: Gubeikou-Jinshanling
            1AB: Simatai West to Jinshanling
1B: Jiankou-Mutianyu
1S1: Jiankou-Mutianyu Sunset
1S2: Gubeikou-Jinshanling Sunset
             1S3: Imperial Great Wall Sunset
             1C: East Qing Tomb-Huanyaguan
1D: Lakeside Great Wall Hike

             1D1: Lakeside Wall Hike & Bike
1D2: Lakeside Great Wall Hike

                  Repair the Great Wall

             1E: Lianhuachi-Mutianyu
             1X: Gubeikou-Jinshanling-
                 West Simatai 16KM

A3: Mutianyu Tour

             A2: Mutianyu and Underground



Lianhuachi Section of the Great Wall

- Hike the Great Wall


Lianhuachi Great Wall is connected with the Mutianyu Great Wall, which was built during the Ming Dynasty with massive stones. Although it is an unrestored section of the Great Wall, you are able to clearly see the appearance, shape and contour of the wall. This section of the wall is magnificent in terms of scenery. Vegetation and fruit trees are abundant along with the wall, while the beauty in spring and autumn is breathtaking.

Lianhuachi section of the Great Wall will give you a clear idea of the difference between the restored and the un-restored areas of the Great Wall.



How to Tour the Great Wall at Lianhuachi?

One-day Great Wall hiking from Lianhuachi to Mutianyu.


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