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Beijing to Xian with
Round-trip Flights

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from Beijing by sleeper train,
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Beijing-Xian 2-Day Tour by Air
(Round-trip Airfare Included)





�Visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, the greatest archaeological find in recent memory
�Explore the famed Muslim Quarter, home to Xian’s large Muslim community, which featuring shops, markets, and bazaars, giving you a taste of the middle east in China

�Tour the Shaanxi History Museum, one of the 5 best museums in China, and home to countless priceless artifacts of this cradle of Chinese civilization

(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)

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Price is based on the time of travel and number of customers. Please inquire through the form on the left side of the page, we'll quote the best price we can get. As this tour package involves domestic transfers, the package price will vary from time to time because of the changing airfares and hotel rates.



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Day 1 : Beijing-Xian (by air) (L, D)

In the early morning you'll take an early flight Xian, China's ancient capital and home to the Terra Cotta Warriors. The flight will take about 2 hours, and once you arrive in Xian you'll be met by your travel guide and driver. You'll be taken to your hotel for checking-in and unpacking. Afterwards you'll be taken for a lunch of Sichuan cuisine. After lunch we'll get started with your Xian city tour.

Our first stop will be at Xian's still-standing and functioning city wall, a rarity among Chinese cities. You will have time to walk around the wall, giving you marvelous views of the city. If you like, you can also rent a bike to use as well.

We'll then drive to the nearby Shaanxi History Museum, which is probably the best provincial museum in all of China. Since Shaanxi, the province Xi’an is in, is the cradle of Chinese civilization, this museum takes on a special importance. The museum is divided into 3 main exhibition halls.

The No 1 exhibition on the first floor hall displays the articles used during the period from 1.7 million years ago to 206 BC of the Qin Dynasty (221 BC-206 BC). This exhibition contains rough stone tools used by the ape man, the pottery, bronze sacrificial vessels, weapons and terracotta figures.

By visiting the No 2 Exhibition Hall on the second floor, you will gain a general understanding of the historical process from 206 BC in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220AD) to 589 AD in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-589). To the west of the Basic Exhibition Hall lies the Theme Exhibition Hall. The exhibitions in this hall are often theme-oriented to show the history or the culture relics of Shaanxi Province, such as the 'Shaanxi Bronze Ware Exhibition', the 'Shaanxi Pottery Figure Exhibition' and the 'Buddhist Culture Relic Exhibition'.

Next will be the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a pagoda surrounded by a still functioning Buddhist temple (named Da Ci’en Temple). The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China. The Pagoda was built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) for the study of Buddhist scriptures. Although it has been attacked by centuries of weather, war and seismic activity, which destroyed most of the original material of the structure, a pagoda by this name and style still exists on the site.

For dinner, you will enjoy a splendid dumpling banquet of all shapes and sizes in downtown Xian. Your evening will be capped off by the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, a wonderful performance of ancient music and dance, is a must when you visit Xian. The city, which was formerly known as Chang'an has a very long history, and was the imperial capital during 13 dynastic periods. Of these, the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) was the most prosperous and glorious of all.


The Famous Dumpling Banquet Tang Dynasty Dance Show

For the night you will be staying at the 4-star Ramada Downtown Hotel.

Day 2: Xian-Beijing by Air (B, L)

Following breakfast in the hotel we'll drive an hour outside the city to see Xian�s greatest attraction, and one of the greatest sites in all of China, the Terra Cotta Warriors (Army) and Horse Museum. The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum is the result of the most significant archeological excavations of the 20th century. Work is ongoing at this site, which is around 1.5 kilometers east of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Mausoleum. Upon ascending the throne at the age of 13 (in 246 BC), Qin Shi Huang, later the first Emperor of all China, had begun to work for his mausoleum. It took 11 years to finish. It is speculated that many buried treasures and sacrificial objects had accompanied the emperor in his after life. A group of peasants uncovered some pottery while digging for a well nearby the royal tomb in 1974. Life size terracotta figures of warriors and horses arranged in battle formations are the star features at the museum. They are replicas of what the imperial guard should look like in those days of pomp and vigor.

Near the Terracotta Warriors museum is the tomb of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. A large mound, his tomb has never been opened for fear that it would damage the unimaginable riches inside.


We'll then drive back to the city where we will we�ll stroll through the Great Mosque, Xian�s biggest mosque. Xian has one of the largest Chinese Muslims populations, so obviously this mosque is extremely important. We�ll cap off your time in Xian with a walk through the Muslim Quarter. Surrounding the Great Mosque is the famous Muslim Quarter in Xi�an. Here you can find many Muslim restaurants and food stands, and shops selling traditional handicrafts. Almost all the local food and snacks are also available at the Muslim Quarter.

You will then be drive to the Xian airport where you will fly back to Beijing. Your guide will help you with the check-in process. Upon arrival in Beijing you'll take a taxi to your hotel.


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