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Xi'an, located in the central China, is only 2 hours by air from commercial Shanghai and from Capital City of Beijing.


International tourists should seriously consider flying and taking a train from Beijing or Shanghai to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors.



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See Pandas in Xian
Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center  


The Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Center is located about 76 km from Xian (a drive of two hours) in Shaanxi Province, China. Founded in 1987, Louguantai is one of the most important animal sanctuaries in all of China. Louguantai is made up of a breeding area, domesticating section, and a feeding station. Think of Louguantai as not a zoo but a research and protection center.

Louguantai serves a critically important role as a base for research. In addition to sending staff to other countries with first-rate zoos and animal facilities, the center also often invites distinguished experts from all over the world. To date, Louguantai has rescued and nursed back to health over 300 animals and has bred no less than 400. Of these, over 100 have been successfully re-introduced into the wild. Louguantai not only cares for and breeds rare animals, but also gives assistance to animals in the wild. Over 27 years zoologists and experts have rescued and treated more than 300 animals.

Pandas- the Giant and Red, are by far the biggest attraction for visitors-both foreign and domestic. Because of their eating and sleeping patterns, most of them are not able to be viewed during the day; though the center sometimes let the travelers see two of them in their houses. Louguantai houses about 20 Giant Pandas. Louguantai staff have also attempted artificial breeding, which crowning its first success in 2009, when the 6-year-old panda “Lucian” gave birth to twins.

The Red-Crested Ibis is also very popular. The bird is so rare that it’s only found in Shaanxi Province, China. Another big attraction are the Golden Monkeys. These beautiful and fiery animals with blue faces and snub-nosed noses are close to worldwide extinction. Louguantai cares for 26 Golden Monkeys. Other animals that inhabit Louguantai include the Golden Takin, Peacocks, Eagles, Vultures, Swans, Boars, and Clouded Leopards.

If you are short on time or operating on a tight budget, visiting this center is an excellent way to see pandas. Rather than going to Sichuan Province, spending an extra day in Xian is a great way to save both money and time!

We care able to organize and lead half-day tours to Louguantai. Leaving Xian at 8:00 or 9:00am, we will arrive at Louguantai by 11:00am. At noon you'll be able to watch a panda feeding, when pandas are at their most active. You’ll return to Xi'an by 2:00 pm.

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