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Inner Mongolia Tour Package
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Inner Mongolia Tour of Grassland
China's best travel agency for your
Inner Mongolia tour
, Genhe Tour, Hailar tour, Manzhouli tour, Oroqen tour and Arshan Springs

Tour Code & Duration Activities Involved
3 days 2 nights
Tomb of Zhaojun, Wuta Temple, Xilituzhao Palace
4 days 3 nights
Xilamuren Grassland, Tomb of Zhaojun, Wuta Temple, the Dazhao Lamasery.
New Package Inner Mongolia Grassland 4-DayTour

Hohhot and China Historical Sites

Hohhot (meaning "green city") is capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Hohhot Airport, 18km from downtown, operates regular flights to and from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen Wuhan and Shijiazhuang. The local railway station runs fast through trains to many major cities in China and international trains bound for Moscow and Ulan Bator.

Dazhao Lamasery

The big temple, known as 1h Ju Zhao in Mongolian, was first built in 1579, or 7th year of Wanli reign of the Ming, and is the top ranking and most influential of all the 15 lamaseries in Hohhot.

The Great Mosque

Built in 1693 (32nd year of the Kangxi Reign of the Qing), the mosque is Hohhot's oldest and largest Moslem establishment, which features a typical Arabian dome and elaborate carvings. During Ramandan (fasting month). Local Muslims are allowed to mount the building to marvel at the moon.

Five-Pagoda Temple

Also known as Sarira Pagoda of Diamond Throne, Five-Pagoda Temple was built in 1732, the 10th year of Yongzheng Reign of the Qing, a 16-metre-high structure consisting of five tiny pagodas that are elevated atop a Diamond Throne. It is also known as "Thousand Buddha Pagoda" for the 1,560 relief sculptures of Buddhas carved into the pagoda walls.




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