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Lhasa Hotels
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Century Hotel
USD 29

Shenya Hotel
  USD 17

Golden Bridge Hotel
  USD 35

King Sun Grand Hotel
  USD 27

King Sun Grand Hotel
  USD 22

Lhasa, Tibet (Xizang) Discount Hotels, Hostels

Lhasa, the beautiful capital city of Tibet (Xizang) Autonomous Region (TAR), is the highest city in the world and the object of devout pilgrimage, making it the heart and soul of Tibet.

Today's hot deals and more . .Hotel prices change every day. Today's hotel prices can be lower than the numbers you see here. Please submit a form to ask for special details. We'll contact the hotels to find the best price for you within 12 hours.

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Please consider our Lhasa and Tibet sightseeing packages that include great accommodation and local tours.

To tour Tibet, please be aware a Tibet Travel Permit is required by the Chinese government. The Permit can only be issued if you are signing up the Tibet tour with a travel agent. We have special program to help you with that. Please visit our special Tibet tour program.

Lhasa Facing Sun Hotel 

  Lhasa Facing Sun Hotel -  The newest hotel in town with great services including Western buffet breakfast. Highly recommened. USD46
 Tibet Golden Bridge Hotel USD35
  Shengya Hotel USD17
  King Sun Grand Hotel, Lhasa, China (view video) USD27
  Wujing Hotel USD12
  Yindu Business Hotel USD11
  Tibet Tianyu Traffic Hotel USD21
  Lhasa Hotel USD97
  Jidi Business Affairs Hotel (free high-speed Internet) USD22
  Century Hotel Lhasa Tibet USD29
  Century Grand Hotel Lhasa Tibet USD49
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