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Jiuzhaigou Hotels

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Photo: Jiuzhaigou Paradise Hotel
USD 101

Photo: Jiuzhaigou Hotel
USD 32

Jiuzhaigou Discount Hotels, Hostels

Simply a fairyland.

All is blending in harmony with each other-a jewel set in the mountains.

Water is the spirit of Jiuzhaigou. Ancient Chinese legend has it that the goddess Semo accidentally smashed her mirror. Then the fragments fell down the mountain to form beautiful lakes, streams and waterfalls.

Location: This enchanted wonderland is located in the Min Shan mountain range at the north of Sichuan Province. Its name means nine Tibetan villages set in the valleys.

How about + ?
Please consider our Jiuzhaigou sightseeing packages that include great accommodation and local tours.

  Jiuzhai Paradise USD101
  Sheraton Jiuzhaigou International Hotel USD92
  Qian He Hotel USD44
  Jiu Zhai Gou Grand Hotel USD92
  Jiugong Hotel Jiuzhaigou County USD43
  Jiuzhaigou Grand Hotel USD44
  Heyeying Hotel USD44
  Jiuzhai Hotel USD32
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