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Hainan Spa Beach Resort

New State Guesthouse

Huandao Taide Hotel

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Haikou perches neatly at the top of Hainan, facing Guangdong province across the Qiongzhou channel and at the mouth of the Nandu River. This is the political, commercial, and transportation center of the province and serves as a convenient stopping point en route to the beaches in the south of the island. Perhaps the most curious aspect of the city however, is the feeling that despite the five million inhabitants here, this place lacks a truly "local" population. Everyone here seems to be visiting; be they tourists, business travelers, or country bumpkins from out of town, it is hard to grasp just exactly who this city belongs to, especially considering the sheer speed that things are changing here.

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   Hai Kou Hotel USD25
   HaiNan Hotel USD19
   HaiKou WanHua Hotel USD19
   Meilan Hotel Haikou USD30
   Civil Aviation Hotel Hainan USD19
   Haikou Guobin Hotel USD22
   Huandao Taide Hotel Hainan USD47
   Baohua Harbour View Hotel USD42
   Xinyuan Hotspring Hotel USD36
   Hainan Noble Yacht Club USD43
   Yantai International Hotel USD31
   New Hotspring International Hotel USD32
   Huayun Gloria Grand Hotel USD48
   Haikou Trasure Lalang Hotel USD36
   Golden Sea View USD41
   New State Guesthouse USD73
   Hainan Spa Beach Resort USD58
   HaiNan Hotel USD19
   Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort USD41
   Huandao Taide Hotel Hainan USD45
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