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Four-day Trekking on
the Great Wall of China


4A: Eastern Great Wall Trekking
4B Best Great Wall Sections by Beijing
4C Old Dragon's Head Trekking
4D Best Great Wall Sections by Beijing
4E Best Great Wall Sections by Beijing
4X Best Great Wall Sections by Beijing
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* Personal transfers from and to hotel
* Entry fees to the Great Wall and East Qing Tombs

* Four lunches, three dinners and three breakfasts
* Accommodations for three nights.
* Quality vehicle, professional driver and English-speaking tour guide
* Free membership card
* A credit of RMB150 when you reserve the next tour with us


There are no unscheduled or
mandatory shopping stops.



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If you currently don’t have travel insurance then you will be required to purchase our PICC (People's Insurance Company of China) travel and accidental insurance.
The fee will be $5 per person, and will cover the duration of your hiking/camping/trekking in order to ensure that you are comprehensively protected if injured.

For more information about our travel insurance policy please see our insurance page.


Four-day Great Wall Trekking & Hiking around Beijing
Route 4A: Beijing-East Qing Tombs-Huangyaguan-Qianganjian-Sanjiebei–Jinshanling-Gubeikou


If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle from Beijing, then this is the tour for you. You’ll be spending much of your time here out in the serene and peaceful Chinese countryside. The program starts with a visit to the East Qing Tombs, which serves as the final resting place for many emperors of China’s last ruling dynasty, the Qing. Then we’ll start our Great Wall hiking on Huangyaguan, a section that serves as a great lesson on Great Wall architecture as this section is designed to be a miniature representation of the entire Great Wall. After hiking some unrestored Great Wall section (which offer some pretty breathtaking views), we’ll conclude this program with a hike from Gubeikou to Jinshanling, which combines natural unrestored Great Wall and tastefully restored Great Wall. For those amateur photographers looking for some epic Great Wall shots, then this is right up your alley.




1. Exploring the best of the Beijing portion of the Great Wall 
2. Seeing amazing panoramas and vistas that can only be seen by hiking these areas!
3. Seeing a section of the wall which exemplifies the entire wall in architecture, scenery, ruggedness, and military importance.
4. All meals are included!




Our Great Wall hiking is a private service. What this means is that you can hike on the Great Wall at any time at your convenience. If you would much rather be part of a group for the experience for economic and social reasons, we'll check to see if there are more signups for the same date as your own. We'll keep you updated whenever there are more. If you would like to keep your tour a private one, please let us know and we'll assign you a guide and driver.




Day-by-day Hiking Itinerary

(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)


Day 1:  Beijing-East Qing Tombs-Huangyaguan (B+L+D, 1.5 hours of hiking)


Your English-speaking guide will come to pick you up from your hotel at about 7:30am. From there we will make the short trip to the East Qing Tombs. The Eastern Qing Tombs is among the finest, best preserved and largest of the extant tomb complexes in China. Along the south side of Changrui Mountain, the tombs of five emperors, four empresses, five imperial concubines, and one princess are arrayed based on the traditional concept of placing the most senior and most distinguished in the center.


Of all the tombs, Xiaoling is the biggest and most elaborate, standing as the focal point of the entire structure. The grandeur of this tomb may be attributed to its having been the first sepulcher constructed for a member of the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, so the builders hoped to set the tone for a prosperous future. Crossing through the Great Red Gate, you can see buildings of different sizes, all with roofs of yellow glazed tile, connected by the brick paths or 'sacred ways' that converge in the area of Xiaoling.


An example of the most exquisite architecture of the Eastern Qing Tombs is Dingdongling, the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi. Although she handled affairs of state for more than 45 years, she never ascended the throne. (The only female ruler in Chinese history was Empress Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Elaborate and highly refined decorations and carvings inside Dingdongling make it unique among the tombs of the Qing Dynasty. The main material used in the tomb, which took six years to build, was gold, the symbol of the imperial family.


Shortly after lunch we will drive to a small village, where we will start our afternoon hike on the Great Wall on Huangyaguan. It is designed as a miniature of the entire Great Wall of China, thereby allowing you get an understanding of the entire wall in a fraction of the time. The entire section is built on an abrupt mountain ridge. Being endowed with both natural beauty and cultural interest, it has become famous as a natural beauty spot and summer resort.

After about an hour’s walk we will reach a peak overlooking the valley below. From the peak we can also see the Huangyaguan Fortress, which was restored in 1984. From this vantage point, we will be able to see its Baguan pattern, a specially designed labyrinth designed to confuse and entrap the enemy. We will then walk down to the fortress for a fascinating and informative visit inside.

For that evening we will stay in a local hotel called the Huangyaguan Great Wall Hotel.

Please make sure that you wear long-sleeves tomorrow.



Day 2: Huangyaguan- Qianganjian #2 Village (B+L+D, about 4-5 hours hiking)


Huangyaguan is situated in a beautiful valley in the heart of the Yanshan Mountains. We start our walk heading up the steep renovated steps towards what appears to be a sheer cliff face. This is where we encounter "Heavens Ladder", a steep climb of over 200 steps leading us up to the cliff face. Once we have caught our breaths, the path continues gradually up to the top of the ridge and once again to the old Wall, which follows the contours of the mountain.


We’ll drop down into the nearby valley and clamber along the Wall as it gradually descends to the valley below. Afterwards we’ll meet our waiting bus and drive to Qianganjian village. We’ll spend the evening in the village.  We’ll spend the evening in the village.



Day 3: Qianganjian – Sanjiebei – Jinshanling (B+L+D, 3-4 hours of hiking)


After breakfast, we will make our way west along the wall into Jinshanling. This is the classic Great Wall hike that most Great Wall enthusiasts have done. Unlike most hikers, we will take this popular route in the opposite direction. At first we will encounter deteriorated “Wild Wall” and the hiking will be a little steep. But as we make our way west the wall will gradually turn into a more restored state, and the hiking will get progressively easier. The hike today allows you to compare the differences between the two wall types, and this is both highly enjoyable and informative.


After reaching Jinshanling we will drive to the a farmer's hostel at the foot of the wall, where we will stay the night. We will have dinner around 7 either at the hotel or a local restaurant.







Day 4: Jinshanling-Gubeikou-Beijing (B+L+D, 4-5 hours of hiking)


After an early morning breakfast we will be driven to the Gubeikou Great Wall. At Gubeikou, we’ll get started on our trek. The Gubeikou Great Wall occupies a strategically important location, which is difficult to access. Situated between Shanhaiguan Pass and Juyongguan Pass, and about 62 miles to Beijing, it is the bastion protecting the northern gateway to the capital.


There are 14 beacon towers, 143 watchtowers, 16 strategic pass, three citadels and many other military constructions. Many of them are famous cultural relics, such as the Big Flower Beacon Tower of the Northern Qi Dynasty, Fairy Tower, General Tower, and the dominant Wangjing Tower. We’ll hike until we reach the landmark of the General Tower. We will have lunch on the wall, and the countryside in front of us will provide the perfect backdrop. In the afternoon we will cross over into Jinshanling.


The Great Wall at Jinshanling is one of the best preserved parts of the Great Wall with many original features. It got its name because it was built on the Greater and Lesser Jinshan (‘Gold Mountain’) Ranges. The Jinshanling Great Wall was initially built from 1368 to 1389 in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and in 1567 and 1570 rebuilding of the Wall was mainly directed by General Qi Jiguang (1528-1588). Poems and tablet writings can be found on the Jinshanling Great Wall left from the time when Qi Jiguang directed the rebuilding of this section of the Great Wall. There are more than 100 watch towers along the Jinshanling Great Wall. ‘Watching Beijing Tower’ is on the highest point, from which you can see Beijing. The Jinshanling Great Wall is second only to the Badaling Great Wall in its completeness.


We'll finish our 3-day adventure here and drive back to Beijing. Congratulations!


Stuff you should bring with you:

* Tough hiking boots, sunscreen and sunglasses
* Backpack, and snacks or energy/protein supplements you want to have before lunch
* Extra cash for driver/guide tips
* Don’t forget your camera!

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