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China Travel Guide

Direct Flights from North America to China by Canadian and American Airlines
The new Toronto-Shanghai flight will be three times a week, with every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday taking off from Toronto and every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday departing Shanghai.  China travel guide specialists Expected to save three hours compared with flight stopover in Vancouver, the 284-seat carrier Airbus A340-300 will fly the new route.  As the only airlines providing direct flight between Shanghai and Toronto, the Canadian airlines opened direct flights linking Toronto and Shanghai in June last year, and Vancouver-Beijing, Vancouver-Shanghai flights. 

New Visa Center Opens in Pudong, Shanghai
Shanghai Daily Oct. 10, 2005 - Frustrated Chinese travelers and foreigners can breathe a sigh of relief - there's a new, more efficient center for passports, visas and residence permits.


Qomolangma (Mount Everest) Remeasured: 8,844.43m
China Internet Info Center Oct. 9, 2005 - The State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM) announced in Beijing today its new measurement of Mount Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, as 8,844.43 meters above sea level., translated by
China travel guide specialists Denny Houston and Jesse Lee,  

The Magnificent China
The Independent, Sep. 12, 2005 - When the flight no MH197 of Malaysian Airlines spread its wings headed to Beijing, from Zia International Airport Dhaka, sitting inside the aircraft, I could hardly guess how magnificent and gorgeous China is. I did not have a clear idea about the people, economy, politics and life style of the country without the help of a local travel guide. 

Domestic Tour Prices Slump

Shanghai Daily Sep. 1, 2005 - Price-sensitive travelers might be happy to know that they can enjoy low-cost tours, while not being bothered by crowds of people at popular scenic spots, over the coming fortnight, the off-peak period for traveling, China travel guide reported.


Confucius's Hometown Finished Renovation

Xinhua News Aug. 29, 2005 - Qufu, the birthplace of China's preeminent philosopher Confucius, plans to restore its ancient city walls and streets ahead of the philosopher's 2556th birthday anniversary, which falls on September 28.

Tibet to Have One More Airport
Xinhua News, Aug. 17, 2005 - China will build an airport in Ngari Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region, a regional travel government official said here Tuesday. The project is part of the nation's development plan for the next five years, said Yan Shijin, deputy director of the regional development and reform commission.

Two generations find harmony in China travels
The Seattle Times, USA July 22, 2005 -  First of all, we don't sing, unless you count the shower.So what on earth were we doing in a Chinese riverbank park, on a sultry summer afternoon, in front of a crowd of 200 smiling souls, cordless mikes in hand, belting out "Jingle Bells"? And "Edelweiss."... 

Foreign diplomats offer advice to Huangshan Mountains
People's Daily, June 13, 2005 - Diplomats from 12 countries and their wives sightsaw at the Huangshan Mountains on May 28 and 29, 2005. The natural beauty and profound culture of the Mountains have left them unforgettable impression. They offered ardent and constructive advice to the Huangshan Mountains too. 

Kekexili uninhabited zone to open to tourists, June 1, 2005 - Kekexili uninhabited zone, a "forbidden zone for tourists" which is famous for its natural view and primitive ecological environment, will be open to tourists for the first time soon with company of a travel guide. WIth this in-depth travel to Kekexili named "Enter Kekexili and Protect the Green River Source" tourists will have a change to go deep inside the Kekexili uninhabited zone by 4WD jeep and visit the rare and precious wildlife such as chiru... 

"From Oregon to Sichuan", My China Experience by Joe Narus 

Beijing's hotels blossoming by virtue of Olympic Games

Beijing offers cheaper hotel rooms for Olympic guests

Shanghai Offer More Rooms for Olympics and World Expo

Beijing Hotels.

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