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1 Day Hiking the Great Wall of China from Jinshanling to Simatai

The FAQs of One-Day Tour with Great Wall Adventure Club.

Get the details of our famous the Great Wall hiking program

When and where to meet for the tour?

7 AM on bus tour and 8-9 AM on private tour
We Meet You at Your Residence

  • A day before your hiking date, you may call our Great Wall hiking tour manager if you have emergency or have to change your tour date for other arrangement. he will also try your number (residence or hotel room) to double confirm your participation a day before. Therefore, if you change your hotel information, please do email us back at Great Wall@Great Walladventure.com to keep us posted. We appreciate your cooperation!

    At the time of boarding, please introduce yourself as Great Wall Adventure Club member.

When to come back to Beijing?

  • We'll be back around 5:30 pm (private tour) to 8:00 pm (on bus tour) depending on the traffic and how fast you paces are. Therefore, it's not wise to arrange any big evening event except a good rest.

What kind of vehicle do we use?

  • We use not just safe cars but also quality cars for your tours. We also hire very experienced drivers who have been driving to the Great Wall for years!
  • For private tours, we use Hongqi Century sedan, one of China's best brand. We also use Hyundai min-van for private tours. For bus tours, we use Toyota Coaster.

Hongqi (Red Flag)                                          Hyundai                                                                        Coaster

What to bring with for one-day Great Wall hiking tour?

Bring some more cash, but not credit card or passport, or any important items. You may bring a photocopy of your passport or other identification just in case you and for emergency identification. Bring some snacks, or sandwich for your lunch. Also bring a couple of bottled water and a clean t-shirt (You'll get wet!). Bring an umbrella if it gets very cloudy. Check the weather before hand.  Here are more remarks to prepare for your hiking.

  • You are likely to be chased on the Wall by book, map, postcard and water peddlers.  You should say NO at the beginning otherwise you will be followed throughout the whole walk.
  • To keep the cost low to promote the outdoor activities in Beijing, we only include the tour bus fee. The tourist insurance is not included, we suggest participant purchase their own insurance before going.
  • In summer, thunder storms and rain are common while hiking on the Wall. Be sure have your cell phone (Mobile phone) powered-off in the bad weather. Using cell phone while thundering could be fatal!!!
  • There are local people selling bottled water and even Coco Cola all along the wall. They generally charge four or five yuan (RMB5) for each. So you are recommended to carry some water at hand. Our recommended drink is Gatorade which can be bought at Carrefour and other supermarket.
  • It's really a long drive for about six hours to and back. We may be delayed by the traffic or something unforeseen, so don't come if you have something planned in the evening.
  • It is likely to be very hot at noon under the sun from May to October., but there is always gentle breeze or even gale.
  • Some parts of the way are really rough, and the wall is broken and loose. So you must take care, and bring some medical bits.
  • For the trekker from Jinshanling: This is an A-B trek, the bus will be waiting at the parking lot of Simatai. You will NOT be able to go in your own car (unless you also bring a driver), you won't be returning to the starting place.
  • Mobile phones have limited coverage in the area, so if you see someone trekking alone, stay with them. This trip is to "smell the fresh air", rather than a competition.
  • Leave nothing except your footprints. Take nothing except photograph and garbage.
Other Frequently-asked Questions

1.     How long does it take to go from downtown of Beijing to Jinshanling?

Normally, it takes about two to three hours from Beijing to Jinshanling by high way each way. If you take a private tour (your own car, driver and tour guide), it can be as fast as 1.5 hours to get to Jinshanling by toll-way. If you choose to go with a group (mini-bus, driver and guide), it takes longer as we'll have to pick up guests from various locations and may not take the toll way in order to reduce the transfer cost. Certainly, the less traffic we experience, the faster we go. 

2.     How many hours are for the hiking from Jinshanling to Simatai?

The distance from Jinshanling to Simatai is about 10 km. Most people take about four to five hours to hike from Jinshanling to Simatai.

3.     What are included of your quotations and what are the difference between a private tour and group bus tour?

Private tour is a VIP service. You will have a dedicated car, a driver and a tour guide. It means you can decide when to get up in the morning as long as it is before 9 AM, you will have no one else to share your car or guide, and you have more time to talk to your guide while hiking. It also means you'll save half of the time spent on the road compared to bus tour, saving up to three hours round-trip, because we'll take the newly-completed but expensive Beijing-Chengde toll way (photo on the right). Our price includes all the entrance fees and high way tolls. However, it does not include lunch. No shopping is scheduled during the entire trip.

A Non-private bus tour will significantly reduce the cost while you sacrifice with privacy and time, but you win a lunch. You'll be spending about 1 hour in the city after you board because we are going to different hotels to pick up your partners. Also, to save more, we do not take the expensive toll way and that'll take longer to get to the Wall. Price includes all the entrance fees and a lunch. There will be a stop at a local gift shop but you are not required to buy anything if you don't need to.

4.     What should we take to the Wall?

Please take your picnic lunch, two bottles of water, some snacks, sunscreen, sun-glasses, stick, pocket knife, first aid kit, lip balm and cap etc.   

5.     What is the weather like on the Wall?

Please check the weather report three days before your departure date and you will know.  Usually the temperature on the mountain is lower than in Beijing.

6.     Is it hard to hike on the Wall? Do we need a doctor or a rescue person to hike with?

The hiking is designed for the hiking lovers. The part of the wall we would trek along is the most magic part of Great Wall. The 10km's distance on the wall will take us about 4 hours to hike up and down (many steps) on the range of the mountain. It is not easy! Every participant must make sure your own health condition is good enough for the activities (especially those who have blood pressure or knee illness). However, there certainly need to hire a doctor or a rescue person to hike with.


1.     There is not any toilet along the path on the Wall. There are the toilets at the bottom of Jinshanling and Simatai. Please prepare before hiking.
2.     There are cable cars (tram or gondola) in both Jinshanling and Simatai Great Wall. There is a also slider at Simatai Great Wall. The guests are supposed to pay those as extras.


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