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Yichang Hotels

HOT Yichang, Gezhouba and
Three Gorges Dam
Best Accommodations

Longquan Hotel
USD 19

Green River hotel
USD 32

Yichang, Gezhouba, & Three Gorges Dam
Discount Hotels, Hostels

Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) has formed a partnership with China's largest online discount hotel reservation network to offer 70% discount hotel rates of major hotels in China cities including Yichang. is the only Chinese online travel and hotel booking service listed on NASDAQ. GWAC hotel reservation service is handled by our Chinese travel consultants, so you always get personalized service to cater your trip!

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  Taohualing Hotel USD30
  Yichang International Hotel USD36
  Gezhouba Hotel USD22
  Guobin Garden Hotel USD41
  Longquan Hotel USD19
  Sanxia Engineering Hotel USD40
  Green River hotel USD32
  Ping Hu Hotel USD27
  Yiling Hotel USD29
  Yichang Electricity Hotel USD17
  Peninsula Hotel USD41
  Xiba Reception Center USD31
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