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Yantai Runlong Hotel
USD 27

Yantai Pacific Hotel
USD 22-36

Yantai Huaqiao Hotel
USD 28

Yantai, Shandong Discount Hotels, Hostels

Yantai literally means "smoky mound". In the Ming Dynasty, locals used wolf dung to light fires (Langyan) to warn the whole village of approaching Japanese Pirates (Wokou). The city was nothing but a small fishing village until the late 19th century when it became a treaty port for the British, handed over by the falling Qing Dynasty, which had been defeated in the Opium War.

 Pacific Hotel USD22
  Bihai Building USD29
  Yantai Runlong Hotel USD27
  Finance Training Center Tantai USD28
  The Center Hotel YanTai USD36
  Yantai Hongkou Hotel USD35
  Chang Long International Hotel USD43
  Yantai Phoenix Garden USD43

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