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Wuyishan Century Land Hotel

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The scenery in Wuyi Shan is surprisingly spectacular, falling between two major areas: the Jiuqu River and the Thirty Six Peaks that rise up at the top of the mountains. This is archetypal Chinese scenery-picture postcard stuff (green and lush vegetation, red cliff faces and small, preserved villages) that generations of painters, poets and artists have visited for years in an eternal search for inspiration. The air here is wonderfully clean and fresh, particularly pleasant in early evenings, when a hazy mist shrouds the mountain summit.

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  Fujian Wuyi Tea Hotel USD35
  Wuyishan Century Land Hotel Co.LTD USD23
  Haisheng International Hotel, Wuyi Mountain USD48
  Meihai Hotel Wuyi Mountain USD27
  Wuyi Hotel USD35

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