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Zhongyuan International Hotel

Wuhan White Rose Hotel

Wuhan Holiday Inn

Wuhan Super 8 Hotel

Wuhan Guobin Grand Hotel

Wuhan Crown Hotel

Swiss-bel Hotel On The Park

Wuhan Century Home Inn
Wuhan, Hubei Discount Hotels, Hostels

Great Wall Adventure Club (GWAC) has formed a partnership with China's largest online discount hotel reservation network to offer 70% discount hotel rates of major hotels in China cities including Wuhan. is the only Chinese online travel and hotel booking service listed on NASDAQ. GWAC hotel reservation service is handled by our Chinese travel consultants, so you always get personalized service to cater your trip!


  Best Western Wuhan USD64
  Holiday Inn Riverside Hotel, Wuhan USD50
  Guobin Grand Hotel USD35
  Xuangong Hotel Wuhan USD33
  Hubei Lijiang Hotel USD27
  Xun Li Men Hotel USD36
  Taihua Hotel USD41
  HK-Macao Center Business Hotel USD44
  Shangri-la Hotel,wuhan USD84
  Asia Hotel Wuhan USD48
  East Lake Hotel USD57
  Marshal Palace Hotel USD26
  Yangtze Hotel USD47
  Ramada Plaza Tian Lu Hotel USD61
  White Rose Hotel USD27
  Wuhan Kingdom Hotel USD39
  Holiday Inn Tian An Wuhan USD48
  Gao Xiong Hotel USD44
  Swiss-bel Hotel On The Park USD37
  Sun Yee Hotel USD23
  Wuhan Jianghan Hotel USD45
  Marshal Palace Hotel USD24
  New Oriental Empire Hotel USD24
  ZhongDianCai Hotel USD28
  Oriental Hotel USD56
  Wuhan Novotel Xinhua Hotel USD71
  Sanjiu ZhongHuan Hotel Wuhan USD22
  Tianli Sunshine Hotel USD23
  Lakeview Garden Hotel USD46
  Best Western C-band Hotel USD63
  East Lake Hotel USD34
  Ying Hu Hotel USD24
  Wesun Hotel USD36
  Golden Sea Civil Aviation Hotel USD36
  Zhongya Hotel USD18
  Tian yuan commerce hotel USD30
  Baofeng Hotel USD28
  Hongyi Hotel Wuhan USD54
  Sheng Bao Long Hotel USD32
  Hubei Jiuye Plaza USD22
  Century Home Lnn USD20
  Changhai Hotel USD38
  Haiyi Jinjiang Hotel USD57
  Chu yuan Hotel USD31
  Binhu Hotel USD38
  Golden San Jiu Hotel USD28
  Crown Hotel USD36
  New Land Hotel USD30
  Zhong Yuan International Hotel USD39
  Wuhan Tianhe Airport Hotel USD28
  Yinfeng Hotel USD28
  Center for Academic Exchanges of ccnu USD29
  Yangtse River Super 8 Hotel USD23
  Qingjiang Hotel USD20
  KMK Hotel USD24
  Lotus lake resort USD24
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