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Suzhou Hotels

Best Accommodations

Renaissance Suzhou Hotel
Sheraton Hotel Suzhou
Gloria Plaza Suzhou Hotel
Suzhou China Hotel

Photo: Suzhou Garden View Hotel

Photo: Cang Lang Yuan Hotel

Photo: Dynasty Holiday Inn Hotel

Photo: Renaissance Suzhou Hotel

Photo: Le Xiang Hotel Suzhou

Photo: Suzhou New City Garden Hotel

Photo: Suzhou New City Garden Hotel

Photo: Suzhou Hengdeli Hotel
US$19 single, $23 double

Suzhou Discount Hotels, Hostels

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  Xucheng Hotel Suzhou USD62
  Suzhou Wealth Center Hotel USD39
  Overseas Chinese Hotel (view video) USD35
  Le Xiang Hotel Suzhou USD61
  Zhongshan Hotel Suzhou USD24
  Nanlin Hotel USD59
  Hoston Grand Hotel USD52
  Haoson Hotel USD28
  Bamboo Grove Hotel USD64
  Gloria Plaza Suzhou USD74
  Aster Hotel Suzhou USD61
  Suzhou Garden View Hotel USD67
  Li Du Jasper Hotel USD61
  Olympic Spring Hotel USD30
  Youngor Central Hotel USD55
  Sheraton Suzhou USD119
  New Century Hotel Suzhou USD36
  Suzhou Delight Mansion Hotel USD39
  Motel Inn - Pingqi Road Inn USD22
  Dynasty Holiday Inn Suzhou USD28
  Suzhou New City Garden Hotel USD83
  Nanya Hotel USD47
  Home Inns - Mudu Inn USD23
  Scholars Inn USD24
  Scholars Inn-Panmen Inn USD24
  Gold Bridge Hotel Suzhou USD28
  Convention Center Hotel Suzhou USD36
  Dong Fang Yu Gang Hotel USD43
  Foma Hotel USD34
  Suzhou Hotel USD58
  Suzhou Hengdeli Hotel USD19
  Changmen Hotel USD26
  New Suzhou International Hotel USD91
  Suzhou Plaza Hotel USD41
  Chateau Regency USD64
  Suzhou Gentleman Hotel USD35
  Taoyuan Holiday Hotel USD34
  Suzhou Firendship Hotel USD34
  Suzhou Dongshan Hotel USD48
  New King Lion Mansion Hotel USD35
  Suzhou Royal Garden Hotel USD34
  Fuhui Hotel USD34
  Suzhou Baodao Garden Hotel USD63
  Lake Side Hotel USD59
  Suzhou Taihulake Mandarin Hotel USD35
  Shanshui Resort USD33
  Jincheng Jin Jiang International Hotel USD41
  Da Hong Yun Hoston Hotel Express USD26
  Suzhou Wuzhou Hotel USD35
  The Garden Hotel USD34
  Historic City Garden Hotel USD30
  Home Inns Suzhou- Shilu Inn USD25
  Renaissance Suzhou Hotel USD109
  Guwu Hotel Suzhou USD20
  Cang Lang Yuan Hotel USD27
  Oriental Home Hotel USD29
  Suzhou International Youth Exchange Center Hotel USD28
  Home Inns Suzhou- Sanxiang Road USD25
  Jingyuan Hotel USD19
  Home Inns Suzhou-Guanqian Street USD25
  Suzhou Hostel USD20
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