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Luoyang Hotels

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Photo: Luoyang Shenjian Hotel
USD 32

Photo: Luoyang Yayue Hotel
USD 35

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Luoyang Discount Hotels, Hostels

The city of Luoyang sits not far from the Yellow River on the west end of Henan Province. Like Kaifeng in eastern Henan, Luoyang is one of China's ancient capital cities. It was the capital of the Xia Dynasty some 4000 (2200-1750BC) years ago; it was the first capital of a unified China under the Shang (1750-1040BC) and the Eastern Zhou (1100-256BC) dynasties. In all, 13 different dynasties used Luoyang as their capital for some period of time.

The city has be inhabited for some 7000 years, back to China's Stone Age. Confucius spent time in the city. And Buddhism arrived in Luoyang by at least 68AD - much earlier than in most of China. Luoyang has about 1.5 million people, with another 5 million in the metro area.

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  Luoyang Grand Hotel USD73
  Yaxiang International Apartment Hotel USD62
  New Jianlong Hotel USD58
  Luoyang Peony Hotel USD78
  Luoyang Shenjian Hotel USD32
  Zhuogengyuan Hotel USD59
  Juhe Hotel USD53
  Mingyuan Hostel USD24
  Golden Golf Hotel USD67
  Yayue Hotel Home USD35
  Zhongxing Hotel   USD29
  Huayang Plaza International Hotel USD108
  Jin An Peony Plaza USD78

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