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Lanzhou Hotels
HOT Lanzhou HOTELS for
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Photo: Savoy Hotel
  USD 44

Photo: New Century Hotel
  USD 19

Photo: Sunshine Plaza Hotel
USD 71

Photo: Xi Lan Hotel
USD 43

Lanzhou Discount Hotels, Hostels

Lanzhou is, in fact, quite tightly tucked in to the banks of the Yellow River - the southern mountains restrict its expansion in that direction.

 Today's hot deals and more . . .Hotel prices change every day. Today's hotel prices can be lower than the numbers you see here. Please submit a form to ask for special details. We'll contact the hotels to find the best price for you within 12 hours.

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  Xi Lan Hotel (breakfast) USD43
  Savoy Hotel Lanzhou (breakfast buffet) USD44
  Jinlun Hotel USD29
  Legend Hotel Lanzhou USD45
  New Century Hotel, Lanzhou USD19
  Sunshine Plaza (breakfast buffet) USD71
  Jincheng Hotel USD30
  Nongken Hotel USD22

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