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Kunming Hotels

Great Kunming Hotel Deals
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Sakura Hotel Kunming
Expo Garden Hotel Kunming
Golden Springs Hotel Kunming
King World Hotel Kunming

Photo: Mandarin Kunming Hotel
USD 39

Photo: Mingdu Hotel
USD 19

Photo: Golden Springs Hotel
USD 27

Photo: Guandu Kunming Hotel
USD 26

Photo: Guandu Kunming Hotel
USD 22

Photo: Spring City Inn
USD 13

Photo: Camellia Hotel
USD 15

Kunming Discount Hotels, Hostels

Kunming, which is situated in central Yunnan and north of the Dianchi Basin, is skirted on three sides by mountains, with one side opening onto the Dianchi Lake. The city is nicknamed "Spring City" due to the fact that it is covered all the year round with the rich verdure of trees and plants. Endowed with a pleasant climate. Kunming is world-famous for its abundance of camellias, orchids, azaleas and Primula malacoides , which can be found in the Kunming Botanical Garden, where 4,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants grow profusely. Kunming is also a renowned historical and cultural city in southwest China.

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  Horizon Hotel USD49
  Bangke Hotel USD70
  Kaiwah Plaza International Hotel USD67
  Harbour Plaza Kunming USD73
  Green Lake Hotel Kunming USD83
  Green Land Hotel Kunming USD58
  New Era Hotel USD45
  Telecom International Hotel USD44
  Weilong Hotel Kunming USD40
  Sakura Hotel Kunming USD44
  Xiqiao Hotel USD45
  New Nanjiang Hotel USD44
  Golden Dragon Hotel Kunming USD44
  Tal Long Hong Rui Hotel USD22
  Dianchi Garden Hotel SPA USD45
  Yunnan Jinhua International Hotel (Kunming) USD40
  Guandu Hotel USD26
  Zhongyu Hotel USD45
  Jintai Hotel Kunming USD28
  Bestway Hotel Kunming USD32
  Golden Spring Hotel Kunming (free airport pickup) USD27
  Spring City Inn-Yunnan Machinery Hotel USD13
  Palace Hotel Kunming USD35
  Baoshan Hotel USD27
  Mingdu Hotel USD19
  Jinfeng Hotel Kunming USD18
  Camellia Hotel USD15

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